SpacerFabric_Cocoon: Lounge furniture made of spacer fabric

The lounge furniture out of FabricFoam© investigates prototypically the bearing capacity of the new composite material in a folding structure made of textile and foamed components.

The used spacer fabric is pre-assembled for foaming: In the area of the creases integrated channels for foaming are the bearing structure of the folded cocoons.

For the material composite from textile and foam new possible applications for interior room elements, as well as lightweight plane load-bearing structures are created. The self-supporting cocoon made of spacer fabrics offers an acoustically dampened lounge and retreat area for two persons.

The stable interior platform is supported by climbing ropes, the whole element can move freely in the room. The visual and haptic unknown material also makes curious and creates room for discovering and exploring the surface of the material.

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Prof. Claudia Lüling

Project team

Sascha Biehl, Alexandra Zgodzinski, Edda Krücke

Supported by

Essedea GmbH & Co. KG

Awarded with


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