SpacerFabric_HOME (ZeltHAUS)

Because of its insulation the “ZeltHAUS“ offers protection in hot and cold climate zones during natural disasters, in refugee camps or can serve as temporary shelter in urban mega structures.

Three dimensional, double layered textile structures are used as structural elements, which once foamed serve as lost formwork for the fabrication of stable and insulated lightweight structural elements. Integrated into this system are hingeless folding mechanisms that enable fast building and dismantling. Different from conventional tents the “zeltHAUS“, does not need a separate linkage, it can be assembled easily by amateurs without additional tools.

The folding mechanism uses the textile share of the composite material. After the foaming process the elements are cut to the opposite surface layer, it functions as a hinge. The already stable single elements are additionally supported by these possible folds. In combination of a centered longitudinal folding and two folds in transverse direction, house modules with rigid corners are formed. In the last step lateral folding or tilting allows increased stability and the merger of segments to various unit sizes (protected system). The longitudinal folds are connected with each other as well as the individual segments by velcro. In the last step the overall stability just as the protection against rain is ensured by a tent cover stretched over the entire structure.

For the project six centimeter thick spacer textiles were chosen. Once foamed the combination of fiber based and pore based material portions, creates a tensile and pressure resistant, insulating structural element, that shows mechanical and physical advantages compared to classic tent structures, which would separate the bearing structure from the cover.

The SpacerFabric_Home already obtained utility model protection - we would be pleased for new associate partnerships!


Prof. Claudia Lüling

Project team

Marius Mersinger, Ivan Litwitschenko

Awarded with

AED Neuland Award 2017, Kategorie Architecture & Engineering
Competition Campus Award 2018, Kategorie Studentenarbeiten
Moderner Aus- und Leichtbau 2018, Kategorie Vision und Utopie
Appliedldea Ideenwettbewerb 2019, 2. Preis
Future-Award, 2019, 4. Preis

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