SpacerFabric_Shell: Lounge furniture made of spacer fabric

The lounge furniture “SpacerFabric_SHELL“, examines in scale 1:1 the bearing capacity of the composite material FabricFoam© in form of a shell structure.

Hereto the textile is pre-assembled for foaming, that a pattern of rhombic shaped channels in the spacer fabric can be foamed in a hanging position.

This way an arched, self-supporting grid-shell is formed. The structure corresponds to a hanging model and is based on the principle of reversing the chainline. This means, after the curing of the foam or after obtained load-bearing capability of the arch form and the reversal of the shell, no bending moments occur in the material.

Put on an ergonomic formed slightly rocking seat, the object provides you with the sheltering nevertheless translucent shell, the possibility for retreat in an acoustic dampened atmosphere and invites you to relax.


Prof. Claudia Lüling

Project team

Johanna Beuscher, Jasmin Dittmann, Ismena Micorek

Supported by

Essedea GmbH & Co. KG

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