Citizen Science for sustainability

A module in the Interdisciplinary Studium Generale WiSe 2022/23 for modeling and simulation of different circumstances of the Main-Kinzig Kreis.

Interdisciplinary teams work together with citizens and institutions of the MKK, a final event presents the results and goes into the exchange with local citizens. Within the framework of the course, diverse aspects of municipal planning at the district level and a new form of transdisciplinary simulation come together. This provides a stimulating framework for students to contribute well to their specific expertise. In contrast to previous semesters, students in WiSe 2022/23 will be provided with both an already existing model and a detailed presentation of all methods. The model can be extended in any direction.

More information under the link Citizen Science for Sustainability.

Hallo Platensiedlung!

An audio walk about the past, present and future of the Platensiedlung in Frankfurt am Main.

The Platensiedlung is a home with history. After the Second World War, various housing areas, were built in the American occupation zone. These provided living space for stationed soldiers and their families. After the withdrawal of the American troops in the mid-1990s, the majority of the housing estates were handed over to the federal government, from which the city of Frankfurt acquired, among other things, parts of the Platensiedlung, which are now managed by the municipal housing company ABG Frankfurt Holding. In cooperation with thePost-War Modernist Research Lab, the audiowalk Hallo Platensiedlung! was produced.

In the Audiowalk, created by 5th semester students, listeners experience the Platensiedlung through the eyes/ears of its residents and get to know a post-war modernist settlement from new perspectives.

Listen in now and take a walk!
You can find the complete audio walk and all individual episodes on Soundcloud.

Student ideas competition

Post-war modernist housing in the Hessenpark Museum

March 16th - Mai 17th 2020
Jury: 7 July 2020

1.100 € prize money

Together with the Museum Hessenpark, the Post-War Modernism Research Lab organized a student ideas competition for the future Rhine-Main museum area in Hessenpark. The new Rhine-Main museum area will represent the settlement development of the 1960s to 1980s in Hessen.

The task of the competition was to insert three different, ideal-typical residential buildings - a prefabricated house, a L-shaped bungalow and a group of row houses - into the available construction area. In addition to the positioning of the buildings, the development (access and path system) as well as the private and public outdoor areas had to be planned.


1. Prize: Johanna Moraweg

2. Prize: Cristina Fierro

Honorably Mentioned: Minh Tuan Nguyen und Viet Tu Ho

Honorably Mentioned: Anke Müller und Philipp Richers

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