ModelRad (Kopie 2)

Status quo and development options of the data basis for the modeling of bicycle traffic

Consortium partners: PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH, PTV Transport Consult GmbH

Duration: May 2022 until April 2023

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport

Project Lead:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dennis Knese

Contact:  Nicole Reinfeld, M. Sc.

Transportation transformation goals increase the need for more detailed cycling models. Cycling is promoted politically, for example through better cycling infrastructure as part of the National Cycling Plan. Furthermore, it is required to further develop data-based planning tools. Currently, some cycling models already exist. Compared with automotive models, their informative value is still low, however. Further progress requires parameters that are not yet available.

Project Objectives: Assessment of the data basis and identification of development options for the use of data for bicycle traffic modeling with the following sub-objectives:

  • Systematic presentation/prioritization of necessary parameters (target catalog)
  • Execution of target/actual comparison
  • Determination and publication of exemplary prioritized parameters, based on existing data and a use case for cycle path modeling
  • Development of an innovative survey concept for parameters that could not be determined so far
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