Student Mentoring at Faculty 2

Dear students,

we are your student mentors in Faculty 2. The transition from school or work to everyday university life is challenging. Studying abroad with a different system and culture is sometimes overwhelming and stressful.The task of student mentoring is to accompany you - especially in the first year of study, but also in the further course of your studies - and to support you with advice and action. The special thing about it is that we student mentors started at the same point as you just a few semesters ago and can provide help and advice from our own experience.

Our counseling focus

We support you both organizationally and interpersonally to successfully start your studies,

  • if you can't find the timetable or have questions,
  • if you don't understand with Moodle and HISQIS,
  • when you are struggling with exam stress, or
  • if you have come into conflict with a lecturer,
  • if you don't know who to turn to, for problems that you prefer to ask a student and much more, just ask us!

Counseling Hours

Counseling hours: currently only online as needed. Just write us an email. See the E-Mails below or write to our general E-Mail: 


Do you want to become a mentor?

Send us an E-Mail  with mentioning your semester and your study course.



Aqip Javed
Mentor, Information Technology
Ayman AkhouajiMentor, Service Engineering (B.Eng.)
Jan MackelMentor, Bioprocess Engineering (B.Eng.)
Philipp RuppertMentor, Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.)
Brian TomusangeMentor, High Integrity Systems (M.Sc.)
Howin YongMentor, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (B.Eng.)
Alexander StäbleinMentor, Product Development and Technical Design (B.Eng.)
Inna KuzminaMentor, Business Information Systems, IBIS, EBIS (B.Sc.)
Ifran GojakMentor, Renewable Energy (M.Eng.)
Ron HimmelMentor, Computer Science - mobile Applications (B.Sc.)
Anja Ruhland
Study Advisor Faculty 2
Building 7, Room 201
Anja RuhlandID: 2292
last updated on: 03.20.2023