Welcome to Faculty 3: Business and Law

We are delighted to welcome you to our organization and would like to thank you for your commitment to teaching our academic program. In order to make it easier for you to find your way around the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, we have put together some important information for you on this page.

Important information for the start of your work

Here you can find the campus map with all buildings.

Here, you can find the general semester schedule of the university for past, current, and future semesters.

Here you can find the schedule for the lecture and examination periods of the faculty for the current and future semesters.

You can obtain your CIT account in Building 1 Room 348 (3rd floor) at the Service Desk (German only) of Campus IT by presenting a picture ID. This account is important for accessing your personal email address, accessing the Digital Campus (important for settlement of your teaching contract and travel expenses), accessing the Intranet of the university, and connecting to the university WLAN "eduroam."

Here you can find additional services of Campus IT (German only).

You can download your temporary teaching contract from the Digital Campus under the "Services" tab and print it out.
Attention: To do so, you will need a CIT account !

Alternatively, if you wish, we can also send your teaching contract per PDF file to your email address or mail a printed version to your post box in the lecturer room in Building 4 Room 214a (2nd floor). To do so please contact the Vice Dean's Office of Academic Affairs.

You can apply for and obtain a parking card for one of the two underground parking garages (entrance on Friedberger Landstraße in Building 1 or entrance on Nibelungenallee in Building 8) of the university at the Post Office in Building 2 Room 14 (EG) from Stefan Schmitt or Amin Samad of the Campus Service (German only) (see post office).

You can pick up the required room keys (lecture rooms, lecturer room) from Uwe Reitz at Campus Service (see key administration). Since most buildings have different lock systems, you should first find out which rooms you will hold your course in.

INFO: It is beneficial to make a personal appointment at Campus Service! When you make an appointment, you are not necessarily bound to the office hours of the Campus Service.

You can find the current custodian schedule with the contact data on the main page of the intranet of the university.
Attention: To do so, you will need a CIT account !

Organizational matters at the faculty

The lecturer room with your personal post pox is located in Building 4 in Room 214a (2nd floor). You need a key to access it, which you can pick up from Campus Service (German only) (see key administration).

If necessary, ask in the Examination Office or the Vice-Dean of  Academic Affairs on the same floor, whether someone can unlock the room for you.

If you have to miss or move your class, for instance due to illness, please contact the Examination Office of Faculty 3, stating which course you teach and the programs affected, at (+49) 69 1533 3330 or by sending an email to fb3-pruefungsamt(at)fb3.fra-uas.remove-this.de. The students will then be informed of the respective changes by the Examination Office.

If you would like to move a lecture to a different day, please first coordinate this with Ms. Bacic at (+49) 69 1533 2944 or send an email to planningfb3@fb3.fra-uas.de to ensure that space is available to do so.

You can settle your teaching expenses and travel costs via the Digital Campus of the university.

Attention: To do so, you will need a CIT account !

Information on examinations at the faculty

The Examination Office has created a check list for examination organization (German only) to provide a short and quick list of all important steps.

Since for every examination, a log of special incidents must be kept, you can find an examination log template (German only), which you may use in your examination monitoring.

If it should happen that a student is not to be found on the admission list of the examination but still wants to take the examination, the student must complete and sign the Declaration for Taking the Examination. (German only) You can find a German and an English version under the link.

The handout for examination evaluation (German only) describes in detail how to handle examinations and what you need to pay attention to.

Templates for voluntary use:

There is an evaluation outline (German only) for the evaluation of an examination, which is intended as an orientation and is supposed to give you an idea about evaluating examinations.

If you are taking one or more examinations for the third time (you can discern this from the admissions list of the respective examination), a second examiner must also evaluate this examination. Using the second examiner table (German only), you can determine the second examiner for the subject of the examination. You should contact this person accordingly.

Additional information on services of the university

The evaluation allows the students to assess the course using a questionnaire. The results are forwarded to the teachers. You can find more information in the department evaluation service(EvaS) (German only).

Here you can find the literature catalog of the university library. You can use it to search for any available media that is available both in print and in e-book form.

You can use the university library and borrow books and other media. In the section "Registration for teachers and employees" you will find a certificate of adjunct lecturer activity, which is necessary for obtaining a library card.

If you would like to learn more about e-Learning and the Moodle platform, you can take advantage of the university’s workshops and training courses (German only) and register for the various courses offered.

You will receive guidelines with all relevant information at our Vice Dean of Academic Affairs.

The most important links for adjunct lecturers


Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Prof. Dr.
Barbara Lämmlein
Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Faculty 3
Building 4, Room 204

Adjunct lecturer administration

Anneliese Lennartz-Yesilfiliz
Building 4, Room 210
Fax : +49 69 1533-2903

Schedule creation and room planning

Aleksandra Bacic
Building 4, Room 215a
Fax : +49 69 1533-2906
Secretary's Office Faculty 3 TeachingID: 5442