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For students of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, who are looking for a job in the business administration or technical area, Faculty 3 offers a certificate "Trainer Qualification (German only)".

In the summer semester of 1998, the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences introduced step-by-step modules of an entrepreneurship education. The "Frankfurt Model for Entrepreneurship" and several generations of EXIST/EXIST-Seed projects were conducted in cooperation with Frankfurter Sparkasse, INBAS GmbH and with the support of the European Union, the BMBF and the State of Hesse. Further information on the page Ways into starting up a business (German only).

The Institute for Entrepreneurship at Faculty 3 operated a main incubator with usually 4 - 5 places for university founders. This activity was replaced by the part-time MBA postgraduate course in Entrepreneurship & Business Development which started in the winter semester 2011/2012.

For students of all faculties at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, the Language Center offers a university-wide foreign language program that takes into account the increasing importance of foreign language qualifications and skills for a globalized working and living environment.

As illustration of the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum, Bachelor programs of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences contain a module on the "Interdisciplinary general program" for 5 ECTS credits. This is a module, in which subject-related articles from at least three faculties are connected into on cross-sectional topic and are offered as mandatory for the acquisition of competence.

Faculty 3 participates in the offered modules of the "Interdisciplinary general program."

Students whose curriculum for this semester includes the "Interdisciplinary General Studies" module can choose from the following offers (German only).

Advanced training courses of KompetenzCampus (German only) for students of all faculties.

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