Which standards are available from the Library?

Available online through the database Nautos (formerly Perinorm)

  • DIN Standards, German Institute for Standardization, (includes access to DIN-EN, DIN-ISO, not included are DIN-VDE)
  • VDI Guidelines, The Association of German Engineers
  • DWA Set of Rules, The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste, (includes ATV process sheets and codes of practice)

Available online through the database VDE NormenBibliothek

  • All current DIN-VDE Standards, Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, (includes draft standards)

Available online through the database FGSV-Technisches Regelwerk-Digital

  • The German Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) Technical Standards and Specifications

Available online through the database IEEE Xplore

  • Access to approximately 5,000 IEEE Standards

Print Collection of Standards in the Reading Room:List of print standards

  • The library’s print collection includes a limited selection of standards and is located in the reading room on the bookshelves marked DIN VDI VDE. The standards are organized by number. The publisher does not allow for the copying or the circulation of the standards in the print collection.  

How can I find standards?

  • In the databases mentioned above, search for the standard number or the standard’s topic or subject.
  • If the full-text of the standard is not available in any of the databases (for example an ISO Standard), check the List of print standards. This print collection is located in the reading room.
  • If you cannot find a standard, send an email to zeitschriften(at)

How can I access the databases while off-campus?

Frankfurt UAS members

  • Frankfurt UAS students, faculty, and staff can use the VPN to gain off-campus access to library databases. To use the VPN, first download and install the software FortiClient: installation instructions.

Guest users

  • Guests can only access library databases from within the library on library computers. Standards from the database Perinorm/Nautos can only be read online and cannot be downloaded.
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