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  1. Study regulations, exam regulations and schedule of fees


    Study, examination and fee regulations This content is only provided in German  for the time being. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Tuition


    Tuition To continue your studies (in the same program) you need to re-register by paying the semester fee in time. The amount has to be on the university bank account until 1 st March for summer semester and 1st September for winter semester. If this day is a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline does not change to the next working day (§ 31 Abs. 3 Satz 1 des Hessischen Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetzes). The tuition includes the social contributions to the students union, the...

  3. Studiengebühren


    Tuition Fees Total costs for the two-year study program amount to €19,900 plus semester fees. Tuition fees can be paid in instalments. In addition to the tuition fees participants are responsible for travel expenses, food and accommodation, for obtaining a visa (if required) in time for the start of semester Please, note that these costs are fully deductible from income tax in many countries (e.g. Germany). Please find information on financing options  ...

  4. Faculty 3: Overseas Partner Institutions


    Overseas Partner Universities Faculty 3 Argentina   Universidad Católica de Córdoba (UCC) All courses taught in Spanish. Proof of Spanish B2 level needed.   Australia   Griffith University   Monash University With reduced study fees (~ 10 % reduction). University of Technology Sydney (UTS) With reduced study fees (~ 10 % reduction). ...

  5. Fachbereich 4: Overseas Partner Universities


    Partner Universities Overseas Faculty 4 Australia   Griffith University University of the Sunshine Coast With reduced study fees (~10 % reduction) Victoria University, Melbourne With reduced study fees (+ 10 % reduction) Australia - Hessen:Queensland Exchange Program   Exchange Program bestween the state of Hessen and Queensland, Australia Hessen:Queensland Exchange...

  6. Organization of studies


    Organization of studies Information for first year students This is a list of information and events that are of particular importance, particularly during the first weeks at the Frankfurt UAS. Academic calendar and exam registration A list of dates for the current semester, future semesters and past semesters is available here . Information about exam registrations...

  7. Fachbereich 2: Overseas Partner Universities


    Partner Universities Overseas Faculty 2 Argentina   Universidad Católica de Cordoba   All courses in Spanish. Suitable for Computer Science (Bachelor), Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor), Electrical Engineerig (Bachelor). Proof of Spanish B2 level needed.   Australia Deakin University Double Degree Master Business Information Systems,with reduced study fees Griffith University Suitable...

  8. Three steps to your enrollment


    Three Stepts to your enrollment Enrollment Before you can be enrolled, you have to have successfully submitted an application on uni-assist.de and received an admission letter from us. Three steps to your enrollment If you received an admission, please follow these steps enroll: 1. Complete online...

  9. Re-registration


    Re-registration Re-registration for summer semester 2024 The semester fee for summer semester 2024 is 329,28 Euro . The deadline for re-registration is 1st March 2024. You can find the request for payment (Aufforderung zur Zahlung) including the purpose of use in your FranCa portal for students . You can find instructions for re-registration here . After the deadline for re-registration it is only possible to...

  10. Student Services Center


    Student Services Center Your contact for questions relating to your studies Announcement Study Chip pick up For newly enrolled students who only want to retrieve their Study Chip a pick up station is available in building 1 in front of room 26 monday-thursday 9 am - 2pm friday 9 am - 1 pm Current news News regarding the semester ticket...

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