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Overseas FAQ

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. Perhaps your question has already been answered?


Otherwise you are welcome to contact us by email.

Every student enrolled at Frankfurt UAS can apply for a semester abroad at the International Office. The earliest semester you can go abroad is the 3rd semester and you need to acquire at least 12 ECTS abroad. A semester abroad before the 3rd semester is not possible.

The deadlines for a semester abroad are the same every year:
Semester abroad during the Winter Term: Deadline 15.01.
Semester abroad during the Summer Term: Deadline 30.06.


The application takes place two semesters in advance. You can talk to your foreign representative in advance about which semester is best suited for a semester abroad. You can find a list of foreign representatives here.

For the following countries there is an application deadline only once a year:

Australia: Deadline 01.06.2023 (for Summer Term 24 and Winter Term 24/25)
USA/Canada: Deadline 15.11.2023 (for Winter Term 24/25 and Summer term 25)*

* In North America, the Summer Term or Spring Term begins in January/February.

If you go abroad in the Summer Term, there are overlapping semester times at many universities. At many universities, the Summer Term begins as early as January or February. Please be sure to research the semester times at the universities of your choice. You can find guidelines in the CampUAS course and in the information sheets for the overseas semester.

Yes! However, please remember that you must pass at least 12 ECTS at the host university and at least one module should be recognized when you come back.

Here you can find short-term offers overseas.

Here you can find Summer University offers overseas.


Please note that the International Office does not award scholarships for short-term courses.

Take a look at our Mobility Online application database to find suitable universities for your course. You then have to independently research the courses offered by the partner university on their website. Does that offer appeal to you? Do the semester times match yours? Can you afford the country and city you want? What is my living space like there? Finding the right partner university is a very subjective matter. There is no magic formula for this. It depends on your preferences and desires and your funds.

You name three specific universities. It may be universities from different countries or even continents overseas.

No. A double application is not possible. However, you can apply consecutively for one semester within Europe and then for overseas.


Yes, you can use Mobility Online for Overseas and the Hessen-Queensland, Hessen-Massachussets and Hessen-Wisconsin state programs at the same time. You can also select the universities of your choice within the State to State Programs. If you want to apply for example for the bilateral universities in the United States (e.g. Whitewater und Bakersfield) and for the State to State programs Hessen Wisconsin and Hessen Massachusetts you have to open three workflows on Mobility Online.

It may happen that you are not granted any of your wishes, especially if you have chosen very popular partner universities. You will then have the opportunity to choose from our remaining spots. You won't go away empty-handed.

In principle, this is possible as a "Freemover", but you have to apply to your desired university independently. In addition, unfortunately, you pay the usual semester fees at the university abroad and organize everything yourself.

If you are still interested, please contact the International Office of your chosen university and ask about the application procedure for Freemovers.

We recommend the help of agencies like IEC, Asia Exchange, College Contact, GoStralia etc.

You have to research the courses offered on the websites of the partner universities. Do this to the best of your knowledge and belief and take courses from the previous year for your orientation. Then save the information and get in touch with your international representative to discuss the courses. Your department will help you with the recognition of the courses.

You should clarify this with the head of the study program in a learning agreement after you have been accepted. Research the website of the university of your choice for English Taught Courses for International Exchange Students beforehand. You will usually find the English-language courses offered. Than you have to compare them to the modules here, so that they will be recognized when you come back.

You should complete at least 12 ECTS during your semester abroad. Please take at least four modules. You should be able to have at least one course recognised. If you study Social Work: transnational or International Finance, you have to achieve 30 ECTS abroad in order to complete your studies.

If you do not pass a course, then of course it cannot be credited. However, this does not count as a failed attempt.

Academic achievements can be handed in later if they are not yet available. In this case you can upload your registration for the exams and your high school diploma. You cannot submit other documents such as proof of language proficiency and the letter of recommendation after the deadline. All documents must be uploaded to Mobility Online by the deadline.

In the overseas department, you answer the three motivational questions in English. For the state to state programs, write a letter of motivation in English. Please make the answers and the letter very personal. and take care of the correct letter form.

Yes, the language center usually offers assistance. Find out more on the website of the language center.


Enter the dates as they are currently given on the website of the partner university. In the Overseas area you will find the semester times of the overseas universities in the Moodle course "Preparation for a semester abroad", but you have to research the information yourself.

It is possible to withdraw your application, but you will be given lower priority if you apply again.


The Learning Agreement represents an agreement between you and your department. During the application, research the courses offered on the websites of the partner universities and create an initial overview of the courses that you would like to take. After you have received the exchange spot, please get in touch with your contact person in the department to sign it (see list of contact persons in the department).

Yes, you can still change the courses when you are already abroad. In fact, you often have to do this if the semester planning at the university has to make changes at short notice. 

You will need proof of proficiency in each language spoken at your three desired universities (if necessary English and Spanish, if applicable).

No. The International Office does not accept high school diplomas as proof of language proficiency. Your application documents will be considered incomplete if you submit this. Please take the DAAD language test at the Language Center.

You take the test at the Language Center of our university. You can apply via the following link. The application deadline for the Winter Term is January 15, for the Summer Term June 30. Until then you should have done the test at the language center. It costs 30 Euro at present.

Yes, if you have taken one of these exams in the past two years. Proof of language proficiency via the high school diploma is not accepted.


As long as the language certificate is not older than two years, yes.

Yes, you can also submit such a course as a language certificate if you pass the exam. In this case, you can have it transcribed into a DAAD language certificate at the language center by the lecturer with whom you took the course.

If you are a native speaker, please come in person to the International Office to discuss your case. It depends on the partner university what kind of proof has to be submitted. Normally you will have to do a test nevertheless and if your are a native speaker you will pass the test with ease.

The PROMOS scholarship is a partial scholarship of the DAAD in the amount of 350/450/550€ depending on the destination country. The awarding of the PROMOS scholarship as well as the determination of the number of partial scholarship installments is done in a quality-guided and performance-based selection process. No travel allowance will be paid. Upon receipt of the scholarship, you can expect to get two to three monthly installments.

The HAW International Scholarship is a good funding opportunity for your stay abroad. It is designed to make it easier for students at universities of applied sciences to spend time abroad. Find out here about application requirements, deadlines and funding rates for your host country.

The Fulbright Commission awards a travel grant to support your study project with a travel allowance of 2000€.

Get an overview of grants offered and the corresponding application requirements and deadlines on the website.

The Studienstiftung supports students whose talents and personality give rise to expectations of special achievements in the service of the community.


Regardless of whether you receive domestic BAföG, you can apply for BAföG abroad. Due to the higher costs of a stay abroad, people who do not receive domestic BAföG are also eligible for funding. The best thing is that BAFÖG abroad includes tuition fees of up to 5.600,00 Euro, so a semester abroad as a freemover might be affordable.

To assist students, the Education Loan Program offers a temporary, low-interest loan to finance their education.

BAföG abroad can be combined with DAAD funding.

However, the HAW International Scholarship cannot be combined with PROMOS. But, you may apply for PROMOS and the HAW scholarship in parallel to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

No, in general you do not pay tutition fees at a partner university.

With some exceptions:

some universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. At most of these universities you will have to pay tutition fees and will only get a discount of about 10 % on the regular fees.

Together with the acceptance for a semester spot at a non-European host university, you will receive an official invitation. With this invitation and further country-specific documents (e.g. proof of financing for the entire duration of the stay abroad, proof of existing health insurance, etc.) you can apply for the study visa.

Information about the visa can be found on the websites of the respective embassies in Germany.

 The International Office is not allowed to recommend any specific insurance to you.

Please find out which insurances are available. If possible, make sure that there are no limits on the amount of money you can pay for medical transport, ambulatory and stationary medical treatment and that the insurance covers as much as possible.

In case of pre-existing conditions, be sure to talk to your doctor / insurance company in good time if you are dependent on medication! And take care that you have all necessary vacinations.

Absolutely. If you do not re-register and re-enroll at Frankfurt UAS by the deadline, you will be exmatriculated. The prerequisite for the semester abroad is enrollment at our university. This also means that you must remain insured here.

Please contact the AStA for RMV ticket refund. Here you will find all relevant information.

We can issue the required semester abroad certificate. Please send us the exact semester dates of the partner university.

We generally advise against applying for a leave of absence, as during the semester of leave you will not be able to have the academic work completed abroad recognized here. You must also pay the full semester fee during a leave of absence.

You are responsible for your own accommodation during the semester abroad. You can research in advance on the websites of the partner universities whether the International Office there arranges housing offers. Otherwise, you can find experience reports of FRA UAS here.

You must contact the responsible person at your faculty for recognition. Please follow the instructions of your department and approach the contact persons of your department if you have any questions (see list of contact persons department).

Sometimes this is possible, it depends on the number of applications.

In the USA, Canada and Australia, no extension is possible in principle on the places without tuition fees.

Yes, you will receive a transcript of records from the host university.


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