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In addition to the European ERASMUS program, the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences has also concluded exchange agreements with numerous universities outside Europe. You will find an overview of the partner universities by country group with the respective application deadlines via the tiles below.

Further information on the application process and the documents to be submitted can be found under the application documents.

Definitely worth reading: Testimonials from Frankfurt UAS students who have already completed their semester abroad.

We are happy to provide individual advice on study visits and financing outside of Europe.

Application Deadlines for your Study Abroad

Summer Term:     30th June Mobility Online will be open from 19th April. Please start now to care for the language certificate and the recommendation letter.

Winter Term:       15th January

USA/Canada: November 22nd for winter semester of the following year or the following summer semester

Australia: June 1st for the summer semester of the following year or the following winter semester

Promos Scholarship

Funding period January to June: November 15th of the previous year
Funding period July to December: April 15th

To study at one of the non-European partner universities, most of the tuition fees at the host university will be waived. To finance the cost of living locally and the travel expenses for the stay, you can, for example, apply for a foreign student loan. In addition, applications for scholarships (DAAD-PROMOS, Fulbright, ...) are possible. More about finance can be found under funding programs.

The academic achievements obtained abroad can be recognized at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and count towards your respective degree program. Recognition is fundamentally a matter for the individual departments. Please inform yourself thoroughly BEFORE your stay abroad at the international representative of your degree program on the recognition of the study abroad achievements for the Learning Agreement.

With the pledge to study at a non-European host university, you will receive an official invitation. With this invitation and other country-specific documents (eg a proof of funding for the entire duration of the stay abroad, proof of an existing health insurance, etc ..) You can apply for the study visa in the respective embassy in Germany.



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