Guide for members of Frankfurt UAS and visitors

On these pages you will find information on frequently asked questions from university members and visitors that reach us at the Info-Center at thr Frankfurt UAS.

You can download a site plan with an overview of all buildings on campus, including barrier-free entrances and elevators, on the the map and directions page. There you will also find directions for all means of transportation.

An overview of current events with all important event information can be found in the calender of current events (German only). Questions regarding the content of the individual events listed in the calendar should be addressed to the respective contact person named in the event.

If you would like facts and figures, an expert opinion, an interview or permission to film, please contact the press office (German only).

Frankfurt UAS offers numerous university continuing education courses in various fields for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge, developing their skills and expanding their competencies. More information can be found on the site "Advancing your professional carreer" as well as on the page

As a guest student, you must submit an application for a guest student status. You can request this by e-mail from the Student Services Center. There you will also receive further information on the guest auditor program.

You can find an overview of all dual study programs at Frankfurt UAS on the page for dual study programs. If you click on the respective study programs, you will find the contact to the corresponding study program management, your contact person, at the very bottom.

You can apply for a job at Frankfurt UAS as a researcher, lecturer or staff member. To do so, visit the page for the job offers (German only).

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