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You can now download the following certificates directly from the FranCa portal

  • study certificates*
  • study progess certificates
  • receipts for paid semester fees
  • invoices for the upcoming re-registration
  • transcripts of record


You can now file the following requests directly via the FranCa portal for students:

  • leave of absence
  • part time studies
  • reimbursement
  • change of personal data
  • exmatriculation


The FranCa portal for students is a self service portal for all enrolled students. Here you can access and administer your personal data, re-enroll for the next semester, download various certificates, and register for exams. You can now file requests for leave of absence, reimbursement, exmatriculation, and much more directly through the portal!


First, please make sure you are trying to access the portal for students using your CIT credentials. Should the problem persist, please contact the CIT Servicedesk.


Please log into the FranCa portal using your CIT credentials. Please access the portal for students via the Choose your portal section on the left side of the homepage.

Should you still not be able to login, please send a screenshot of the error message to the Student Services Center via studienbuero(at)

After you are enrolled as a student, your credentials for the CIT account, i. e. your CIT user name und an activation code, and therefore the FranCa portal for students will be posted in a red box on the main page of your FranCa portal for applicants.


Examinations registration/deregistration

It is not necessary anymore to log in to the HIS-Portal.

You can register for and deregister from examinations via the FranCa-portal for Students under the quick link "Apply for exams".

If you click on "Apply for exams" within your FranCa portal for students and are shown the log-in page of the HIS portal, you need to change the settings of your browser in order to be able to access these functions.

You could also try using a different device, like an Android mobile device or a Windows or Linux computer. On these devices you should be able to access the exam registration without having to change the browser settings.

Step 1 - Redirection

Step 2 - Cookies

If an error message is displayed saying that Cookies need to be activated, please open your browsers settings and activate or allow the use of cookies.

In some cases it will be enough to delete the cookies from your browser cache (please don't delete your saved passwords!).

Step 3 - depending on your device


If you are using an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac. etc.) on iOS using Safari as a browser:


First, please contact the International Office via admission(at)  and get confirmation that you can change your course of study without a new application through uni assist.

If you get the confirmation you do not need to register anew in the FranCa portal for applicants. You can apply for new degree courses directly through the FranCa portal for students in the section Your applications.


You do not need to register anew in the FranCa portal for applicants. You can apply for new degree courses directly through the FranCa portal for students in the section Your applications.

Please note that in order to apply for a master's degree course you need to have completed at least 80 % of your credit point workload of your bachelor's degree course.

Changes to Personal Data

Please log into the FranCa portal for students. You can update or change your address under

Student Service - Contact data.

Please file a request for change of personal data in your FranCa portal for students. You can find the request under

Student Service - Requests - Changes to Personal Data.


Lockings can occurr for various reasons. They prevent you from re-enrolling for the coming semester. Please contact the Student Services Center in a timely manner, if the reason for a locking is unclear.


Your credentials will stay active for 30 days after your date of exmatriculation. Please secure any relevant emails and certificates before or right after exmatriculation.



You can still download your transcript of records from the old HIS portal. Via the quicklink Exam Administration on the FranCa portal's main page you will be guided directly to the HIS portal.


Please log into the FranCa portal for students. You can find all sorts of certificates - called reports in FranCa - in the section

My studies - Student Service - Requested Reports / Reports

Semester fees

You can find the re-enrollment fee in the section

Student Service - Requested Reports / Reports in the document titled Aufforderung zur Zahlung des Semesterbeitrags.

In the tab Payments you can check if the semester fee was credited to Frankfurt UAS. Additionally you can verify the payable amount as well as possible differences. Please note that it may take up to a week before the information in your portal is updated to show your payment.


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last updated on: 11.29.2023