ge3TEX – Multifunctional monomaterials made from foamed glas-, basalt-, or PET-based 3D textiles

Following the project “ge3TEX - Leichtwandelement“, composite components should be developed made of structural differentiated mono-material for foamed lightweight construction components from spacer fabrics for the building envelope. From the preliminary project three potentially interesting material combinations were identified: Basalt fiber with aerated concrete, glass fibers with expanded glass and PET-fibers with PET-foam.

Goals are construction components for walls and especially roofs with very good recycling options due to their homogeneous class of materials and synergy effects between foam and textile in relation to load transfer, insulation, weather protection and fire protection. Initially in ge3TEX the mechanical and building-physical functionality of each material group is being optimized. The focus lies on the one hand on necessary bond behavior between foam and its associated fiber material on the other hand on potential grading of the entire system. Apart from that it is about the geometries of 3D-textiles, among others also with 3D-basalt-fibers. The textile as lost formwork should thereby work decisively for its shape, it serves as weather protection as well as functional for load transfer of tensile forces and the optimization of transferring shear forces.

At last demonstrators are constructed, which are convincing for the building envelope because of their design ability and functional textile geometries. Directly related to the production and highest possible grade of prefabrication, additionally textile based “self-unfolding“ or “self-curving-mechanisms“ for stabilization are being considered, structural joints investigated and the implementation of heat conducting, PCM-based and light conducting fiber evaluated.

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Project at DGNB (German only)

Project at Zukunft Bau (German only)


Prof. Claudia Lüling
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rucker-Gramm
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Agnes Weilandt

Research associate

M.A. Johanna Beuscher
Dipl.-Ing. Dominik Nagel

Funded by

„Forschungsinitiative Zukunft Bau“, Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit

Project partners

DITF Denkendorf
TU Darmstadt

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