Sonnenschutz_HOT: Sun shading device made of spacer fabrics

In the seminar „Sondergebiete des Materials“ of the master’s program in architecture concepts for opening devices were developed, which function as sun shading devices as well as a temporary thermal insulation. In doing so especially modern multi-layer spacer fabrics were observed, which are kept to a defined distance by spacer yarns.

Because of their special geometry spacer fabrics have a potential for new opening mechanisms. On the other hand their volume offer the possibility to define cavities between the surface-layers, options for insulation or filling with insulation material. Elements, which show partially openable segments, gradually adjustable transparency or generally new opening mechanisms, were developed and presented in the scale 1:1.

The seminar work was developed in cooperation with the research project ReFaTex.


Prof. Claudia Lüling

Seminar participants

Dantzer, E., Cronenberg, P., Korpa, K., Mateus, K., Knezevic, D., Malatess, M., Saif, M., Valentine, M. Vogel, M., Weißbrodt, M., Weber, A.

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