Digital interface to promote climate-friendly mobility concepts in freight transport

Project duration: May 2022 bis December 2022

Funded by: Land Hessen

Project Manager:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dennis Knese

Contact Persons:  Lukas Fassnacht, M. Sc.Seray Künbet, M. Eng. and  Steffen Henninger, M. Sc.

The implementation of the research project "DiMoG" in Hesse is scientifically accompanied by the Research Lab for Urban Transport of Fankfurt UAS. Based on a broad knowledge and data base, this offers the opportunity to explore the feasibility of a communication platform between Hessian municipalities and companies. The main aim of the research project is to investigate how companies and municipalities can be guided into a better communication structure with each other. It is also a matter of investigating the overall interest of the parties involved in such an approach. Based on this, a method is to be derived with which it is possible to create a communication platform. This platform is also to be used by other municipalities and districts. On the one hand, the platform should contain important information for the systematic development of a microdepot concept. On the other hand, relevant information from municipal and private sources should be included. From this, initial indications for potential cooperation should be derived.

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