Digital twin for the conception and evaluation of electric vehicles in municipal fleets

Project duration: August 2019 to July 2021

Consortium partners: SimPlan AG, Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH (HSB), Hanauer Infrastruktur Service (HIS)

Funded by: This project (HA project no.: 767/19-87) is funded by the "Electromobility in Hesse" funding programme.

Head of project: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Becker

Contact: Gérôme Löw, M.Eng.

The aim of the project is to create a digital twin for the design and evaluation of an electric bus fleet. With the twin, different operational scenarios can be investigated and evaluated. The local operator is planning to use the digital twin to investigate and determine the possible applications of alternatively powered buses in the public transport network. The focus is on the range of the buses in comparison with the daily mileage that needs to be covered as well as the need for and location of appropriate charging infrastructures.

The results are presented to traffic planners and dispatchers in a clearly structured form as a basis for decision-making. The results include the utilisation of the vehicles, the operating times, the load on the charging infrastructure over time, load absorption (kilowatts) over time and, if necessary, other variables defined in the specification phase.


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