What is an "Erasmus+ | Blended Intensive Program"?

The Blended Intensive Programs (BIP) funding line was introduced as part of the Erasmus+ program generation (2021 - 2027). BIP enables short-term group mobilities that include a combination of physical and virtual phases. Partner universities develop joint mobility curricula and activities, while the virtual phase supports joint learning. This promotes international cooperation, improves the quality of teaching and strengthens students' intercultural skills. At the same time, the BIP also offers students who do not have the opportunity to complete a long-term stay the chance to gain valuable experience abroad through the short-term program. This makes Erasmus+ activities much more forward-looking and inclusive.


Blended Intensive Program with the partner: Budapest Business School

In October 2023, students from the Department of Business and Law at Frankfurt UAS were able to gain valuable experience abroad as part of the Blended Intensive Program (BIP) with and at Budapest Business School - under the motto "Developing Soft Skills in an International Environment".

The design of the learning units and the choice of country brought together 18 participants from seven different Bachelor's and Master's degree programs to take part in this year's BIP. A central element of the BIP is the virtual component, which made it possible to prepare, accompany and follow up on the content of the one-week stay in Budapest.

Academically and culturally, the Budapest program obviously had a lot to offer, as enthusiastic voices told us. Here is a small excerpt:


Julius Reisert, International Business Administration (B.A.)

"It was a unique experience, a week full of adventures. Once we arrived in Budapest, we had enough time to explore the city on our own and make new friends. We also attended educational events at Budapest Business School, which were often more interactive than the courses in Germany. We also tasted many Hungarian specialties and got to know Hungarian and other international students."


Shashikan Nambuhewage, Global Logistics (M.Sc.)

"It was a great experience, starting with the warm weather and inexpensive, quality food options. The university was well organized and supportive in getting us incoming students on board and welcoming us to a new city!"


Paulina Maxara, International Business Administration (B.A.)

"I can definitely recommend this program!"


The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and its students would like to thank the Budapest Business School for making the Blended Intensive Program, including the one-week stay in Budapest, such a success.

Blended Intensive Programs offer both teachers and students new and creative opportunities for international educational cooperation and participation in jointly designed courses. Further programs are being planned. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Harris, Internationalization Officer.


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