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Halal logistics in air freight

In particular, the following research questions are expected to be answered: 

(1)   What potential is there to turn the Frankfurt Airport into a hub for Halal products in Europe? What prerequisites must be given?

(2)   How great is the potential market for Halal products, in particular for food that is imported or exported per air freight? How do food importers and exporters assess this market segment?

(3)   Are Muslims in Germany interested in consuming products with a Halal certificate and what are they willing to pay for them?

(4)   What are the main requirements for a Halal air freight supply chain?

Specific factors for the venture are therefore:

(1) Determining the potential for Halal air freight from the export and import side for the Lufthansa Cargo AG at the Frankfurt Airport,

(2) Developing a requirement catalog for a Halal-air freight supply chain,

(3) Issuing recommendations that help adapt the existing transport processes and systems to meet the religious requirements of Muslim authorities and permit certification as Halal logistics.

The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences will analyze Eurostat data and interview a total  of 20 exporters, e.g. food producers of Halal products in semi-standardized, qualitative expert interviews, in order to determine the potential for Halal exports and imports per air freight. An estimate of the market development and customer needs is derived using the expert interviews. In addition, an online survey is planned among Muslims living in Germany. The objective is to find out whether Muslims want Halal products and whether they would be willing to pay extra for this.

Project team: Prof. Dr. Yvonne Ziegler, Astrid Kramer, Dr. Vincenzo Uli
Cooperation partners: Lufthansa Cargo AG, HALAL CONTROL GmbH
Associated partners: Karavan Management Consulting and Fraport AG
Duration: June 2017 - December 2017
Financing: The project (HA project No.: 542/17-24) is financed from the funding of the State of Hesse and the HOLM foundation as part of the measure "Innovations in the Area of Logistics and Mobility" of the Hesse Ministry for Economy, Energy, Transportation, and State Development with a subsidy of €21,600 over a period of seven months.

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