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Wirtschaftsprivatrecht - Rechtliche Grundlagen wirtschaftlichen Handelns

Müssig P. (2016) 19. neu bearbeitete Auflage 2016, C.F. Müller - Hüthig/Jehle/Rehm, Heidelberg 2016

The book discusses the legal prerequisites and effects of economic activities and explains the corresponding legal foundations and regulations. It is therefore a textbook that conveys a deeper basic understanding of the essential business-relevant legal areas, their principles, and connections.

Many examples, small cases, illustrations, and overviews make it easy for the reader to learn the basics of private business law. The books target in particular students of economics, business laws, and other programs who want to learn about the private business-related legal framework conditions and structures of economic action.

ISBN: 978-3-8114-9543-2 (German only)

Change Management and the Human Factor - Advances, Challenges and Contradictions in Organizational Development

Dievernich, F./Tokarski, K./Gong, J. (Ed.)(2015) Heidelberg: Springer

Change management and organizational development is unthinkable without people. Human beings form its core as both subjects and objects of change. This volume attempts to cut through to the core of change management, to the people that stand at its heart and focuses on their intrinsic role in change management and organizational development. Topics covered in this volume encompass the human element within organizational change, how this impacts roles, dynamics of team interaction and affects the workplace in teaching and learning settings. It also addresses resistance to institutional and organizational change and the central role that agile management plays in this process.

ISBN 978-3-319-07434-4

Fröse, M.W./Kaudela-Baum, S./Dievernich, F. (publ.) (2015) Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden

Renowned authors from different scientific disciplines and practice provide thought-provoking impulses and specific recommendations for modern, just, and successful management and organizational design. Executives, CEOs, and their consultants will learn to understand the significance of emotions and intuition for working conditions and social relationships and their fundamental influence on organizational changes. The articles pick up on some important discussions: What do we know about the hidden rules and the intelligence of the subconscious in management? How do we deal with intuition that arises in free space and can lead to innovation? To what extent does management have to study the discursive connections of emotion, gender, and subjectification? What happens when you look at social systems as energetic structures? Where in our organizations can you ask about the meaning of life? What significance do love and wisdom have in management?

ISBN 978-3-658-07796-9 (German only)

Ernst, Claus-Peter H. (2015) Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden

Based on multiple surveys, the present book gives valuable insights into the factors driving Social Network Site usage behavior for both practitioners and academics. By empirically evaluating multiple influence factors, it contributes to the current body of knowledge on Social Network Site usage behavior and provides multiple practical implications for Social Network Site service providers, advertisers, etc. work Site usage behavior for both practitioners and academics. By empirically evaluating multiple influence factors, it contributes to the current body of knowledge on Social Network Site usage behavior and provides multiple practical implications for Social Network Site service providers, advertisers, etc.

ISBN 978-3-658-09917-6

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Koch, S. (2015) 2nd edition, Heidelberg

In this second edition, the methodical section was supplemented with value stream mapping, which has established itself as a standard tool for the analysis and improvement of processes. 

There is a new chapter on the improvement Kata, which is currently discussed as an integrated improvement method, and a chapter about the IT support of processes, which provides insights into standard systems  for process automation.

Despite efforts to reduce costs, most companies invest in the optimization of their work processes and organization. Processes that are optimally defined, designed, and implemented help ensure customer satisfaction and provide the possibility for reacting to costs and competitive pressure with "lean" and value-adding processes. There cannot be a business without processes. Only if the actions of individual employees are coordinated along a process chain, can a company act successfully. This coordination represents a highly complex problem that companies must solve efficiently. One possibility is establishing continuous process management. A fundamental understanding of project management is required so that concepts like Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Total Quality Management can be applied efficiently.

Confident application of these methods is increasingly becoming a key qualification not just for students and graduates, but also for professionals, shifting them from "thinking in functions" to "thinking in processes."

ISBN 978-3-662-44450-4

Nicolai, Christiana (2015) UKV Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Konstanz and Munich

The organization of a business impacts its competitiveness as well as costs, productivity, quality and the behavior and motivation of employees. Organizational tasks occur not only during the foundation phase of a business. The processes and structures of existing businesses must also be redesigned again and again to remain successful. Companies must constantly rethink their structural organization and adapt it to circumstances. In this book, the author explains the basics of structural organization, which she differentiates into primary and secondary organization.

2nd edition

ISBN 978-3-86764-835-6 (German only)

Nicolai, Christiana (2015) UKV Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Konstanz and Munich

Numerous new concepts on organizational design have been developed during the past few years. And more new ones are constantly cropping up, while other disappear again. Since there are no universally applicable organizational structures that would be optimal in every situation, radical changes always require organizational change. This book covers the latest and practice-relevant concepts for organizational design. The author particularly addresses the topics of organizational change and future trends.

2nd edition

ISBN 978-3-86764-836-3 (German only)

Rieck, Christian (2015) Eschborn.

The financial industry is facing the greatest transformation of its existence: the digital revolution. Artificial intelligence and robot consultants are able to take on ever-growing parts of financial consulting. Technology companies ("Fintechs") are standing by to conquer the industry. This book studies how far robot consultants have come and what banks, insurances, and independent consultants have to do. Those who don't wake up will fall be driven out of the market. Christian Rieck is a professor of Finance and works together with the Future Institute. He has been performing research on the future of the financial industry for many years, and as a popular lecturer, he electrifies the industry with his theses. He was one of the first to predict the digital change in the financial industry correctly.

ISBN: 978-3924043643 (German only)

Ruppert, Andrea ,Voigt, Martina (2015) Göttingen.

The success of a salary negotiation mainly depends on the selected negotiation strategy and the negotiation tactics employed. However: Which is the most promising strategy? Which tactics should be used in negotiations and which are better to avoid? What recommendations do experienced HR managers make? The authors have studied the negotiation strategies usually employed in salary negotiations for their success, including applicable negotiation tactics differentiated by gender. For this purpose, roughly five-minute video clips with excerpts from salary negotiations were filmed and analyzed by HR managers. The results are thoroughly surprising.

ISBN: 9783736990227 (German only)

Ziegler, Yvonne, Graml, Regine, Weissenrieder, Caprice Oona (2015) Cuvillier Verlag, Göttingen.

The demographic development in Germany will lead to a lack of skilled workers. This is predictable and the first signs of this trend can already be seen. For this reason, the topic of "mothers and career" is not only relevant to women, but also to the economy and society at large – in particular for those companies that have a particularly high need for qualified specialists. Higher participation of women could counteract the already prevalent / impending bottleneck on the German labor market. 


ISBN-13 (Print edition): 9783954049837 (German only)
ISBN-13 (E-Book): 9783736949836 (German only)

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