Acquisition of library material

The Library has an e-preferred collection policy. This means that the library will purchase the electronic version in preference to print. The decision is based on a criteria catalog (available in German only).

The library tries to maintain an up-to-date collection for students, faculty and staff. Therefore, the library mainly buys new publications.

Books, e-books and general questions:

Bernd Wagener
+49 69 1533-2102

Uta Rauch
+49 69 1533-2461

 Friederike Lüßing
+49 69 1533-2129


New subscription or cancellation:

Christina Thomann
+49 69 1533-2127

Missing issues:

+49 69 1533-2127 oder 2623


The library provides access to a variety of e-journals and databases via the HeBIS-Konsortium and with additional funding by the State Hessen. Requests for new purchases or subscriptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis in terms of availability of additional funding by the State Hessen and/or possible discounts via the HeBIS-Konsortium.

Bernd Wagener
+49 69 1533-2102

Faculty members from all four faculties act as representatives to the library. The representative interacts with the library on behalf of her/his faculty. 

Faculty 1

  • Angelika Plümmer

Faculty 2

  • Dr. Ulrich Trick

Faculty 3

  • Print material: Dr. Timo Michalski
  • Online ressources: Dr. Ralf Jankowski

Faculty 4

  • Social work: Dr. Gudrun Maierhof
  • Nursing and Healts: Dr. Julia Lademann

The budget for new acquisitions is allocated each year by the presidential board.

The library divides the budget among the four faculties and leaves a sum for buying  interdisciplinary material. The sums allotted for the faculties reflect the share of the faculty's budget within the library budget. The sum for each faculty is then split into two categories: book/e-books and serials.

The sums allotted for the faculties are calculated according to the number of library users of each faculty and the average price per book and faculty.

For more information please contact:

Books and other media paid from funds other than library budget (except special or research funds) should still be ordered via the library. The library is eligible for discounts on all German books and receives discounts on most foreign material.

If you need material paid from special or research funds we offer to order the material for you, but you are not required to do it via the library.

If you want to order material paid from other funds via the library, just send an email with the bibliographic data to erwerb(at) Please make sure to include the corresponding billing code for the order. We will notify you when the item is available for you to pick up.

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