STEPS Frankfurt* International

STEPS Frankfurt*International is a (technical) language and professional orientation program to prepare for the B2 and DSH Exams and for studying at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

The program is aimed at international prospective students and offers not only orientation in everyday university life in Germany, but also in their future intended course of study.

This reduces potential barriers to a successful entry into later studies. 

STEPS Frankfurt*International is a cooperative project from the Language Center and the International Office in close collaboration with faculty 2: Computer Science and Engineering.

Target Group:

  • International prospective students


  • Completed B1 or B2 German language level (CEFR)
  • Desire to study especially at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

The STEPS program has three sectors for optimal study preparation:


  • Continuous and needs-based linguistic preparation for studies from the very beginning
  • Connection of general/specialized/educational language, learning strategies and study techniques
  • Media-supported teaching, integration of E-Learnings
  • Writing workshop
  • Steep learning progression


  • Study counseling and introduction to the study programs at Frankfurt UAS
  • Continuous orientation for studies
  • Attendance of basic courses
  • Insights into the daily study routine at Frankfurt UAS

Workshop & Training / Study Skills

  • Diverse range of workshops for training in methods, action, and social competencies
  • Introduction to the academic teaching and learning culture
  • Digital infrastructure on campus / IT training
  • Competence and job application training
  • Living and studying in Frankfurt / Germany
  • Advice on social and residence issues
  • Teaching of regional studies and intercultural competence, etc.

→ Extensive support and guidance from trained experts, mentors and buddies.


  • Bridging Course B1+ (Course schedule: 23.08.-21.09.2021) Application due date 18.08.2021 More information
  • Bridging Course B2+ (Course schedule: 23.08.-21.09.2021) Application due date 18.08.2021 More information
  • Pre study B2 German Course (Course schedule 25.10. – 04.02.2022)  More informaton
  • C1 / DSH Preparatory Course (Course schedule: 25.10. – 04.02.2022)  More information
  • DSH Compact Training (Course schedule 14.02. - 25.02.2022)  More information
  • Additional Workshop Program (Accompanying a language course) More information

Course Fee

Courses & Course Fees

  • Bridging Course B1+ or B2+: 75,00 Euro each (1 month)
  • Pre study B2 German Course: 750,00 Euro (1 semester)
  • C1 / DSH Preparation Course 705,00 Euro  (1 semester incl. DSH exam)
  • DSH Compact Training: 290,00 Euro (2 weeks incl. DSH exam)
  • Application deadlines for courses B2 / C1 / DSH preparatory course:

    For summer semester: from Nov 15th until the start of the course or until the course is fully booked

    For winter semester: from June 15th until the start of the course or until the course is fully booked

  • Application deadlines for  DSH Compact Training:

    For summer semester:  from Nov 15th until the beginning of the course or until the course is fully booked

    For winter semester: from June 15th until the start of the course  or until the course is fully booked

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Consultation Hours

Currently, there are no personal consultation hours.
Please write your request by email. We will try to respond promptly and will be happy to make an appointment by Zoom or phone.
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