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Study at Frankfurt UAS

You have obtained your university or school degree abroad and would like to study in a degree program at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences? The following pages will provide you with all the information you need on how to apply and on the admission requirements.

Information on university entrance in Germany can be found in the anabin database. This database of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) provides information on the evaluation of foreign educational certificates.

For all Bachelor's degree programs and for most Master's degree programs, German language proficiency at level C1 must be proven at the time of application. Inform yourself about the required language proficiency before applying.

How do I apply?

The preliminary examination of your university entrance qualification, which is subject to a fee, is carried out by uni-assist e.V. for most degree programs. Even if you already have a pre-verification documentation (Vorprüfungsdokumentation, VPD) or a verification report from uni-assist or if you are studying at another university in Germany; you have to apply for the desired study program(s) at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences via uni-assist.

You have to select your desired study program(s) (up to three study programs are possible) in the My assist application portal. Thereafter, answer the mandatory additional questions and submit your application digitally in due form and time, including all necessary documents. You do not need to send any documents by post to uni-assist or Frankfurt UAS. All certificates must be submitted in the original language as well as in a sworn translation (if the certificates are not issued in German or English). The payment must be made directly when sending the application.

In helpful video tutorials from uni-assist you will find information on all the important steps for your application.

Please apply in time in case you need to submit documents additionally. Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit documents after the deadline. This also applies if you receive the decision from uni-assist after the application deadline.

The date of submission to uni-assist e.V. is decisive. Applications that have not been received by the above deadline with all required documents in due form and time will not be considered. Attention: If this day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, this deadline will not be extended to the next working day, according to §31 of the Hessian Administrative Procedure Act.


Kindly note that – if you apply for several NC study programs – the prioritization of the NC study programs will be based on the order in which they are submitted by uni-assist. If you are admitted to an NC study program, the subsequent study programs will no longer be considered for the selection process.

Information on how to apply for dual degree programs, continuing Master's degree programs, and cooperative degree programs can be found on the application pages for the respective degrees, which are listed below.

Applicants with EU/EEA citizenship, as well as applicants from third countries who are married to an EU/EEA citizen, are not admitted via the 10% quota for foreigners, but instead participate in the German allocation procedure. This application group receives the admission decision from the Student Services Center. The selection limits can be found on the website of the Student Services Center.

This application group must also register on and provide the BID and BAN when applying via uni-assist. It is not necessary to apply via Hochschulstart or the university portal. The application must be submitted exclusively via uni-assist.

Documents required for the application:

  • Complete school-leaving certificate with overview of subjects and grades as well as all pages containing text
  • University entrance examination of the home country, if available
  • Proof of studies with overview of subjects and grades from home country, if applicable
  • Proof of required language proficiency
  • Passport copy
  • APS certificate (with certificates from China, India, and Vietnam)
  • For some countries, additional documents may need to be submitted.
  • For some degree programs, additional documents must be submitted. Please refer to the respective study program pages for information on the requirements for application or enrollment.

Additional documents if you have already been enrolled in a higher education institute in Germany:

  • Proof of previous studies in Germany: data sheet on all periods of enrollment at universities in Germany with details and type of degree program, diploma, or Bachelor's degree, university semesters, subject semesters, vacation semesters
  • Same-named / related course of study: current overview of all academic achievements with passed, registered and failed examinations. If you have lost the examination entitlement in a module, you must additionally submit confirmation of the lost examination entitlement.
  • Current certificate of study or certificate of ex-matriculation

Additional documents when applying for a Master's degree:

  • Graduation certificate with overview of subjects and grades (Applicants who do not have a final graduation certificate from their undergraduate studies by the application deadline, please submit a provisional certificate. Kindly note that you must have completed your studies).

Please submit only those documents that are necessary for the application. Any additional documents that are not admission requirements for the desired program (e.g., references, photos, module handbooks, employment references, police clearance certificates, etc.) will not be considered and will not improve your chances of admission.

Certificates of higher education entrance qualification that entitle you to study at a university in your home country (for example Abitur, Baccalauréat, School Leaving Certificate, General Certificate of Education, etc.) must be submitted in the original language including the corresponding lists of individual grades as officially certified copies. If these certificates are not issued in German or English, officially certified copies of the certificates in the original language as well as additional officially certified (copies of) translations in German (or English) must be enclosed.

Difficulties may arise with foreign language certificates. In this case, please contact your consulate or embassy in your country.

Permission to certify by (Germany)

Permission to certify by (abroad) No permission to certify by

Municipal administrations, counties and lower administrative authorities (e.g., local mayors and mayors, city administrations, city halls, district administrations), courts, notaries; schools, state preparatory colleges or universities may only certify certificates issued by themselves.

The diplomatic embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany and the authorities and notaries authorized to certify documents in the respective country. Welfare organizations, ecclesiastical institutions (e.g., parish offices), translators, health insurance companies, banks, savings banks, associations, the AStA and other offices, even if the certification authorization was granted in another federal state.


Documents and certificates issued in English do not need to be translated.

In general, the translation of certificates must be done by an official authority, for example by the issuing institution or by a sworn translator. For example, if you have obtained a certificate at your home university, this can be issued in multiple languages at the home university.

On the website of uni-assist, you can find further information about certifications and translations.

What is the status of my application?

As soon as your application has been forwarded by uni-assist, we will create an account for you in our application system, FranCa - this usually takes one week. In FranCa, you can independently check the status of your application. You will be notified by email about the account activation and will receive your access data. Please also check your spam folder regularly for this purpose.

The account is expected to be generated at the end of November for a summer semester and at the beginning of May for a winter semester. If you have not received an email with the above information after this date, please contact us by email.

Power of attorney

If you wish to authorize another person to perform actions related to the application, please use the power of attorney and attach all necessary documents.



Contact persons

Ute Kaboth, Sarah Panzer

Open Office Hours (without appointment)




Building 1; Room 8


The office hours will additionally take place via Zoom.

To receive the appropriate Zoom details, please contact us by email (admissions(at) with the subject "Digital office hours". For the review of documents, please have them ready digitally.


Info-Center of the Frankfurt UAS

You can contact the Info-Center of the Frankfurt UAS by phone via +49 69/ 1533 - 0 and the ticket system.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

Note: If you're using a "gmail" email address, some of our responses are currently being returned as undeliverable. Until the problem is resolved, we kindly ask you to refrain from contacting us via a "gmail" email address.

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