We live in a global and international society in which a sensitive approach to different cultures is a prerequisite for successful communication and successful cooperation. Intercultural competence is important not only for stays abroad, but also for working life, where people from different nations work together. Regardless of whether a stay abroad is imminent, happening, or already over, intercultural training is aimed at anyone who wants to reflect on their own culture in order to better understand other cultures. We are going to make you analyze your own value system and cultural understanding as well as the value systems of other cultures. The participation of German and international students highlights the topics from different perspectives. The workshop aims to help students to avoid any "culture shocks" as well as "reintegration" in Germany after longer stays abroad.


Upon successful completion of the training, you are going to receive a certificate confirming your participation in the Intercultural Training. This certificate is a big plus, especially for applications, as intercultural competence is now a requirement in the world of work. The certificate is also an advantage when applying for scholarships or exchange programs (such as ERASMUS + or overseas), as it sets you apart from the competition.

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