Study Abroad Semester

Application for a Study Abroad stay:

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences has concluded so-called "Study Abroad Agreements" with a small number of universities overseas. This means that although you have to pay study abroad fees, all students at Frankfurt UAS receive a discount of usually 10%. Please inform yourself about the possibility to counter-finance tuition fees with Auslands-BAFöG. If you apply for a Study Abroad program and submit all documents on time and in the correct manner, you will usually be accepted by the partner university. It is possible to apply for both SoSe and WiSe, in each case at the application deadlines for Overseas. However, you do not have to go through a selection procedure as long as you meet the admission requirements.

Frankfurt UAS has such an agreement with the following universities:

Application Requirements:

•You are enrolled at Frankfurt UAS

• You are at least in the 3rd semester (Bachelor) or in the 1st semester (Master)

• Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction (B2, e.g. DAAD language certificate)

• You apply on time via our application portal Mobility Online with complete application documents

Application process and formalities:

1. You can find out more about the possibilities of studying abroad and the costs involved on the Frankfurt AUS website, at the partner university and at the consultation hours and information events.

 2. You register on Mobility Online

3. You will receive all necessary information about the application process via Mobility Online

 4. You prepare the application documents for the host university and upload them to Mobility Online by the deadline.

5. We will nominate you at the host university if you meet all the selection criteria.

6. You will also send all application materials to the host university.

7. You will receive an acceptance letter from the host university, which may also be required for the visa application.

8. After your return, upload the Confirmation of Stay, the Field Report and the Transcript of Records on Mobility Online and fill out the Semester Abroad Questionnaire.

Please keep in mind:

• Inform yourself comprehensively about costs and financing options. For the visa for Australia and the USA, for example, financial proof is also required.

 • If necessary, you can finance your tuition fees with Auslands-BAFöG. If approved, the office will reimburse up to 5.600 EUR. Even if you do not receive any domestic BAFöG, you can apply for Auslads-BAFöG. The share of the tuition fees does not have to be paid back.

• Outgoings are strongly advised to register on the website of the German Foreign Office (ELEFAND, Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland) for all travels, and especially for travels to regions with a critical security situation.

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last updated on: 09.20.2023