Internship abroad

An internship abroad offers the opportunity to gain work experience worldwide and to get to know foreign working environments and cultures. The expansion of foreign language and specialist knowledge as well as intercultural competence will ease the entry into the labor market down the line.

You are responsible to find a suitable internship position through your own initiative.

Not all internships abroad are paid or will cover only part of the costs.

In addition to travel costs and the sometimes higher cost of living, visa fees and extra health / liability insurance costs must also be budgeted depending on the destination country.

Under certain conditions you can apply for financial support:

Through the program Erasmus Placements you can apply for a grant for your internship abroad.
In this context, we would also like to draw your attention to the DAAD-recommended Erasmus Internal platform, which offers numerous internships.


For worldwide study-related internships (except ERASMUS participating countries), travel and / or partial scholarships can be awarded to Frankfurt UAS students from the PROMOS program funded by the DAAD.

Young, ambitious students from the natural, geo and engineering sciences have the opportunity to work together with researchers from all over the world who want to integrate German students into their workgroup for the practical support of their project. The DAAD supports the research stays, which mostly take place during the semester breaks in summer, with full scholarships to help the successful participants to cover the cost of living. More information here.

The DAAD provides comprehensive information about internships abroad. In the DAAD Scholarship Database you can search specifically for scholarships for your project. 

Regardless of whether you receive domestic BAföG, you can apply for the Auslands-BAföG. Due to the higher costs of a stay abroad, persons who do not receive a domestic BAföG can also be eligible. Depending on the destination country, different central offices might be responsible for the Auslands-BAföG.

To support students, a short-term, low-interest loan for financing their education is offered as part of the Bildungskreditprogramms (educational loan scheme, German only).

The ASA-Program is for people who want to change something. The ASA-Program stands for common learning, global thinking and social responsibility, and provides insights into international cooperation. Participants expand their professional qualifications and combine them with intercultural know-how. And: The ASA program is much more than a new personal experience. It means cross-border learning and involvement in an active alumni network - a change of perspective over time that has a lasting effect.

The EU program "Leonardo da Vinci" provides financial support for recognized internship projects in European countries for undergraduate students.


The Heinz Nixdorf Program for promoting the Asia-Pacific experience enables young German aspiring-to-be executives to undertake six-month internships in Asian countries, thereby preparing them for future sales markets and contributing to their global thinking and global mobility.


The Carlo Schmid Program promotes internships in international organizations and EU institutions. It is intended to make interested, highly qualified students and graduates familiar with the problems and working methods in the international administrative area as part of an internship and to contribute to the expansion of their intercultural competence. A distinction is made between program A: applications with internship commitments obtained on their own initiative and program B: applications for specific internships offered in the respective competition.

A stay abroad is a special experience for every student. PROMOS allows you to receive funding if you want to do an internship outside of the countries that fall within the scope of ERASMUS.

Students who have already been abroad want to give you an impression of which steps to take, what experiences they have gained and what the internship has brought them. To read their reports, please follow the button below.

You would like to apply for a PROMOS grant? Click the corresponding button!


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