Please transfer the semester fee until September 1st.

After 1st September 2021 a re-registration is only possible with an additional late fee of 30.00 EUR. Then, the total amount of 393.30 EUR has to be received by the university until 30th September 2021. Otherwise, students will be exmatriculated.

Re-registration to continue your studies

You must re-register in the stated period of time and pay the semester fees in order to continue your studies (in the same degree course). The deadlines for the summer semester is March 01, and for the winter semester September 01.

Please use a transfer slip on which you include your personal information and your bank details, and add the following information under the purpose of payment:

  • Your enrollment number
  • Semester
  • Name and given name

Please ensure the provision of correct information because otherwise the assignment of the payment cannot take place. With the transfer of the semester fees you are re-registered, once received in the account of the Frankfurt UAS, we process the banking information and initiate your re-registration. You do not need to come by in person. You will be de-registered in accordance with § 59 section 2 Higher Education Act (HHG) due to deferred re-registration if the payment is not received in time.

Re-registration for graduates

  • If you like to complete your Bachelor or Master’s degree course at the end of a semester, you must complete ALL courses, including the thesis and the colloquium at the end of the semester. The winter semester ends on March 31 and the summer semester ends on September 30.
  • You must re-register even if you need only one single credit, i.e. your colloquium that takes place in the following semester.
  • Your final semester is the semester, in which you complete your last credit, including colloquium. The exmatriculation after the passed final examination takes place at the end of that particular semester with the date of your last examination.

Please note the above mentioned special regulation for the summer semester 2020.

Special arrangement for the examination month of October 2021

Graduates who pass their last exam in October 2021 or students who intend to change the university will keep their student status in October. On request they receive a certificate of study for the month of October. This special student status does not include the use of the public transport - RMV (semester ticket) for October 2020. For further information please contact the Student Services Center (studienbuero(at)

After the re-registration

Once you are re-registered, you can print off your certificate of study online from the HIS-Portal.

Please update any changes of your address online in the HIS portal or at the Student Services Office.


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