Study preparation: Everything you need for a successful start to your studies

We are pleased that you have chosen our university.

Compared to your time at school, your professional life or the study system in your country of origin, many things will seem new and unfamiliar to you. This is completely normal and you are not alone.

With our wide range of offers, we will help you to prepare for studying and to arrive well at the university.

The study preparation courses in March and April 2024 have been completed. You can take a look back through the weekly schedules.

We are working on offers for study preparation in September and October 2024. You will receive information here from the end of July.

All offers according to topics:

Dates for support services and events at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences are also available on the university's social media channels via facebook and Instagram, as well as the Instagram channel of @studycompass and the AStA of Frankfurt UAS.


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