French courses are offered from A1 to B2, as compulsory or elective courses, technical language courses and integrated into individual degree courses.
We organize additional compact courses during the non-lecture period.


Course level Course offer (can be freely chosen, open to all students)  
B2 Le Français économique (4 SWS)
Le langage technique (2 SWS)
La télécommunication (2 SWS)
La migration en Europe (2 SWS)
La société française (2 SWS)
La famille (2 SWS)
Communication Interculturelle (4 SWS, with Excursion)
B1 Le Français (4 SWS)
Le Français économique et juridique (4 SWS)
Le Français technique (2 SWS)
Le Français (4 SWS)
A2 Le Français (4 SWS)
Le Français technique (2 SWS)
Le Français social (2 SWS)
Le Monde du travail (2 SWS)
Language workshop french (2 SWS)
A1 Le Français (4 SWS)  

The four-hour-long language courses A1, A2 and B1 are open to all students and can be recognized as a compulsory subject in Faculty 3.
The offers for students from all faculties include general language courses of different levels and specific language courses, which are also accepted in the frame of the acquisition of the technical language certificate. A few courses are accompanied by an excursion.

  • In the degree course business administration double degree Troyes integrated specialist language course (2 SWS)
  • Language support in module 16 of the degree course Social Work :transnational
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