Course level Course offer (can be freely chosen, open to all students)
B2 Migración en Europa (2 SWS)
Conflictos sociales (2 SWS)
Mujeres en la sociedad (2 SWS)
Español técnico 1 (2 SWS)
Español técnico 2 (2 SWS)
Español técnico 3 (2 SWS)
Comunicación intercultural (4 SWS, with Excursion)
B1 Español (4 SWS)
A2 Español (4 SWS)
Language workshop Spanish (2 SWS)
A1 Español (4 SWS)

The four-hour-long language courses A1, A2 and B1 are open to all students and can be recognized as a compulsory subject in Faculty 3.
The offers for students from all faculties include general language courses of different levels and subject-specific language courses, which are also accepted in the frame of the acquisition of the technical language certificate. A few courses are accompanied by an excursion.

  • In the degree course Tourism Management integrated language offer from A1-B2
  • In the degree course Mechanical Engineering, double degree with Cádiz, integrated language course B1-B2
  • Language support in module 16 of the degree course Social Work :transnational
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