Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bremm

Data Analytics & Visualization

Office Hours

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  • Business Analytics
  • Statistics
  • Java programming
  • Master projects dedicated to data analysis and visualization

In the following, you will find some open topics for bachelor and master thesis.

If you have your own idea for a topic in mind, please send me a short essay containing the following points:

  • Short summary of the topic
  • What is your research question?
  • On which way do you want to answer your research question?
  • Do you have an industry or research partner? If yes, whom?

Bachelor Theses:

  • Implementation of a web-based visualization for teaching statistics
  • Evaluation of web-based visualization frameworks (can also be chosen as a topic for a master thesis)

Master Theses:

  • Visualisation and UX design for financial data
    In cooperation with the Deutsche Börse Group. This project might need some lead time to allign with the industry partner.
  • Visual comparison of treemaps
    treemaps are one way for the visualization of hierarchies. In this theses, a novel visualization for the comparison of hierarchies based on treemaps should be developed.
  • Evaluation of web-based visualization frameworks
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