FAQ for Freshmen

On this page we have compiled important questions for you about starting your studies. If you feel that important topics are missing, please contact our team at willkommen(at)fb2.fra-uas.remove-this.de

Do you have questions that are not answered by our FAQs - or would you simply like to talk to a real person before you start?           Just ring through on ☎ +49 69 1533 2006

To start your studies you need ...

  • Your study chip, which is also your student ID card, semester ticket for the RMV public transport network, library card and payment card for the refectory.
  • Your CIT Account

    • "CIT" stands for "Campus IT". Click here to register your CIT account.
    • If you have not yet activated your CIT account, look in your letterbox for the e-mail you received from our Campus IT after you enrolled. There you will find instructions and all necessary data for registration. If you have not received an e-mail, please contact our study office by e-mail.

  • Your email access to Frankfurt UAS (xyz@stud.fra-uas.de), which you will receive by activating your CIT account.
  • Your CampUAS​​​​​​​ access, login with CIT Account

  • Your HIS access

    • Click here for the HIS ("Higher Education Information System").

    • Your user ID is the matriculation number which you received by e-mail or post after enrolment. In this e-mail or letter you will also find all other relevant data and instructions.

  • Since the winter semester 2022/23 we are using a new learning platform called CampUAS - there, you will find current courses and information. Click here to get to CampUAS
  • With CampUAS, you can ...
    • Log in to your course to access learning content and scripts.
    • Access your class schedule.
    • Be notified of changes in your courses.
  • There is also an app.

FranCa is the new eCampus. It contains important information on the course of studies, the examination regulations and registering for exams. Click here to go to FranCa.

Your studies start with study preparation and the preparation courses in maths and physics. Then comes the freshman orientation. The schedule is updated each semester. Please check the following page for the latest information: Ersti-Infos - First Steps.


You can find your schedule in your teaching unit's CampUAS course:

  • Electrical Engineering: Lehreinheit-E
  • Computer Science: Lehreinheit-I (For computer science programs, you can also find the schedule on the program websites).
  • Mechanical Engineering: Lehreinheit-M

In these courses you will find links to every offer in your timetable. You can then enroll in the courses of your lectures and seminars yourself.
You don't know to which teaching unit your course belongs?  Find out here. 

Note: Group allocations are mandatory and binding in some degree programs. For information on how to choose, see the courses above. 

This semester there is a Moodle course where you will receive the registration keys for each of your modules. You will need to enter the virtual classroom at the time indicated in the timetable; your teacher will have sent you the corresponding link via Moodle.

In the first lecture the teacher introduces himself or herself and provides information about important learning goals and the reading material required.

  • The Moodle course for the lecture is presented and the corresponding registration key is given.
  • If necessary, the exercises are organised.
  • Then the scheduled lecture starts.
  • The lecture is officially finished when the lecturer says goodbye to you.

Here you will find an overview of the professors at Faculty 2 (Fb 2).

Are you looking for other contact persons at Fb 2? Then take a look at our general contact overview.

  • Your lecture rooms will be filed in the timetable. 
  • Full details will also be explained in your freshmen orientation. Details will be published on the general first semester page of our university.
  • Here you can find a map of Frankfurt UAS. A little orientation help: In our university, the first number stands for the building and the second number for the room. Usually the hundreds are the floor. For example, room 1/231 is located in building 1, floor 2.

You can find your schedule in your teaching unit's CampUAS course:

  • Electrical Engineering: Lehreinheit-E
  • Computer Science: Lehreinheit-I (For computer science programs, you can also find the schedule on the program websites).
  • Mechanical Engineering: Lehreinheit-M

You can use your HIS account to log out and log in to exams and view the status of registered / canceled exams.

Click here for the HIS platform.

Exam weeks usually begin at the end of the lecture period and last at least two weeks. Most exams are at the end of the term. The academic calender you find here. About exact times, we will inform you via CampUAS as soon as we know more details.

Yes, if you want to access library services from home, you can authenticate yourself as a university member via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with your IT user ID. You will find information on setting up the VPN client in our instructions. You can use the e-books as a member of the university even if your Study Chip has not yet been activated for library use or if you do not have a library card.

If you have any questions about e-books, e-journals or databases, please contact schulungsteam(at)bibl.fra-uas.remove-this.de by e-mail.

If you have lost your student identification card / study chip, please contact the Student Services Center by e-mail.

Our study adivsors provides step-by-step support for your studies and has an extensive collection of support services (German only) available for you. You can also call our Freshman Hotline of Faculty 2 and we are happy to help or connect you to our support services in English.


Please contact our study advisors. We will help you as soon as possible :-).


Kamal BoudouhSecretary's office: Mechanical Engineering
Building BCN, Room 624
Yasemin KilbSecretary for electrical engineering study programs
Building 8, Room 109
Michael WeilSecretary's office: computer sciences
Building 1, Room 215
Fax : +49 69 1533-2727
Dipl.-Jur., M.A.
Atılım Bayar-Schäfer
Referentin für Unternehmenskooperationen & duale Studiengänge
Building 7, Room 210
Sabine Heimann-TrosienLehreinheitsreferentin der Maschinenbau-Studiengänge
Building BCN, Room 624
Anja Ruhland
Study Advisor Faculty 2
Building 7, Room 201
Rieke Jürgensen
Fb2: Informatik und Ingenieurwissenschaften
Building BCN, Room 810
Anja RuhlandID: 8190
last updated on: 11.29.2023