Exchange students at Faculty 2

Welcome to the largest department at Frankfurt UAS - Faculty 2: Computer Science and Engineering.

As an exchange student, your first point of contact is our International Office. Our colleagues will take care of you during your time at our university.

However, our Faculty offers a special feature that we would like to inform you about. 

  • Faculty 2 consists of three teaching units: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Each teaching unit has its own secretariat and examination office.
  • It is possible that you take courses from all 3 teaching units. In the English course selection for exchange students, the course of study is indicated in the first column under "Program".

We wish you a good time in Frankfurt,
Your Faculty 2 

Teaching Unit Electrical Engineering:

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Mechatronics

Teaching Unit Computer Science:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science - Mobile Applications
  • Business Information Systems (IBIS, EBIS)

Teaching Unit Mechanical Engineering:

  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Product Development and Technical Design
  • Service Engineering

Teaching Unit Electrical Engineering:

  • Information Technology
  • Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Mechatronics and Automotive Engineering
  • Renewable Energy

Teaching Unit Computer Science:

  • General Computer Science
  • High Integrity Systems
  • Inclusive Design
  • Business Information Systems

Teaching Unit Mechanical Engineering:

  • General Mechanical Engineering
  • Bio- and Environmental Engineering

As exchange student your first contact person is the International Office. At Faculty 2, you can also contact our secretariats and examination offices as well as the study adivsors at Faculty 2. In addition, each study program offers student mentoring, an experienced student ist support and advising you.  


CampUAS is our learning platform. There you will find important information about your studies as well as about each module. You can log in with your CIT-Account data and password. You can find all information about courses, modules, exams and much more in the different teaching units. 


International Office

Elisa Lange
Building 1, Room 115
Fax : +49 69 1533-2748
Karla Hannig
Building 1, Room 115
Fax : +49 59 1533-2748

Secretariat Electrical Engineering

Yasemin KilbSecretary for electrical engineering study programs
Building 8, Room 109
Zühal DemirezenReferee for electrical engineering study programs
Building 8, Room 109
Fax : +49 69 1533-2012

Secretariat Mechanical Engineering

Sabine Heimann-TrosienTeaching unit officer for the mechanical engineering degree programs
Building BCN, Room 624

Secretariat Computer Science

Michael WeilSecretary's office: computer sciences
Building 1, Room 215
Fax : +49 69 1533-2727
Dagmar RühlSecretary's office: computer sciences
Building 1, Room 215
Fax : +49 69 1533-2727
Anja Ruhland
Study Advisor Faculty 2
Building 2, Room 323
Rieke Jürgensen
Fb2: Informatik und Ingenieurwissenschaften
Building BCN, Room 810
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last updated on: 03.19.2024