FAQ e-books, e-journals and databases


All e-books can be found through the library catalog, which includes both printed and electronic material. You can search for e-books as you would for a printed book, using title and author information. 

Having found an e-book the hyperlink full text will take you directly to the e-book.

All e-books including e-books in English can be found through the library catalog.

You can limit your search to English titles only by using the advanced search. Or you can refine your results by language after searching using the narrow search menu on the left side.

Reading, printing, downloading

E-books can be read online. Typically, e-book files will be in (Adobe) PDF format and thus require no additional software to view.

E-books in the library collection are accessed via many different platforms. Consequently, there may be differences between individual e-books in terms of how you use them and how many pages you are allowed to print, copy and save.

Depending on the publisher and licencing restrictions up to 10% of the e-book, individual chapters or entire e-books can be downloaded and saved to an USB drive. Within the library you can use all computers for downloading.

USB drives can be borrowed at the service desk. 

Typically, you can print up to 10% of an e-book or individual chapters. Some publishers offer to print entire e-books. Actual amounts can vary even from book to book.

Unless the publisher offers a link for a complete download, it is prohibited to download or print entire e-books or major parts.

It is not allowed to transfer, sell, rent or lend downloaded titles or parts of text to another user under any condition whatsoever.

If e-books are protected by DRM (digital rights management) to control the use of digital content, it is prohibited to bypass the DRM system.

License agreements by publisher / platform

Springer, e-books via database Wiso, Erich-Schmidt (Compliance Digital), Brill

  • You can download and print individual chapters or entire books in pdf.


  • You can download and print individual chapters or entire books in pdf.

Content select (Beltz, Lambertus, Vogel), Elsevier, Royal Society of Chemistry, Karger, Vahlen, De Gruyter, Hogrefe, UTB

  • You can download and print individual chapters.


  • You can download and print entire e-books including videos and other material.


  • You can download and print individual chapters in PDF or XPS format via the print manager. 
  • Please note: The database Beck does not allow remote access via VPN.

Ebsco e-book collection

  • You can download, email and print up to 100 pages (depending on the publisher).
  • PDF can be sent via email.


  • Depending on the publisher one oder three people can use the e-book at the same time. For some books there is unlimited simultaneous access.
  • You can download individual chapters up to 20% of the entire e-book. If a chapter comprises more than 20% of the book you can download parts of the chapter.

Most e-books will have a search within or search this book feature. This allows you to locate specific information quickly.

All e-books provided by the library can be viewed on any computer or mobile device (smart phones, tablets etc.) that can display PDF-documents and has a suitable screen size for viewing pages of text. You don't need to use an e-book reader.

It is possible to use an e-book reader though. Usually you need to download the text onto your computer, connect the e-book reader to your computer using a USB cable and transfer the text to your e-reader.

Our e-books are optimized for reading on computer screens. For the most part, the content can be downloaded in PDF format. PDFs can be read on most e-book readers but the resulting PDF will be an image, not text, and not optimized for e-book readers.

All e-books provided by the library are free to use for registered users.


All of the library's electronic resources are accessible from any computer in the University or using wireless LAN.

For members of the University off-campus access is possible by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN requires an authentication with your IT user login & password provided by the IT department. For more information on setting up VPN click here.

One reason might be cookies in your internet browser. Try clearing the cache and cookies on your computer and then restarting VPN. You can do this via the „settings“ in your internet browser .

If you have already cleared your cache and checked your VPN connection and still can’t access ebooks, please contact the IT department servicedesk(at)

Services and help

To suggest books that you would like to see added to the library's collection please send an email to: erwerb(at)

We welcome your input.

If you need any information or help please come to the service desks.

You may also call or email us:

If you need technical support with VPN, please contact the IT-department.

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