Information and options for Refugees from Ukraine

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, the federal government, the states and the universities have agreed to provide refugees from Ukraine with quick and uncomplicated access to the German education system.

With this in mind, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences offers various opportunities to start or continue studies or preparatory courses on site:

If you have a residence status in Germany according to §24 AufenthG (Aufenthaltsgewährung zum vorübergehenden Schutz) as well as proof of German language skills at least on level B1 by means of a certificate (except for English-language Master's programs), please apply via uni-assist for the desired degree program at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Please indicate in your uni-assist account that you have a refugee background. It will then be checked which of the following options is suitable for you:

  1. After uni-assist has checked your documents and if your German language skills are proven to be at level C1, you will take part in the award procedure.
  2. If you do not have direct access to higher education in Germany and therefore have to attend the Studienkolleg first, you will be invited to take the entrance test at the Studienkolleg after your documents have been forwarded if your German language skills are proven to be at level B1.

Note: If you have German language skills at least on level B2, you may also be able to register for our study-preparatory German courses.

Application deadlines:
Bachelor degree programs (restricted admission (NC)): 15.01.2024
Bachelor degree programs (Open admission): 01.03.2024
English taught Master degree programs: 15.10.2023 (except: Global Logistics, 15.06.2024)
German taught Master degree programs: 15.01.2024

For English taught Master programs, no German language skills have to be provided. The required English language skills can be found on the respective degree program page.

Further information:

Semester ticket:

- All students have to pay an administration fee of around €370 for enrollment. This contribution also includes the student ID card with a ticket for the state of Hesse. Participants in language courses are not enrolled students at our university.

Other costs for students:

- Accommodation (on the private market 300 – 500 €; we currently do not have any additional rooms in the student dormitories)

- Health insurance (all students are required to have health insurance with the statutory health insurance)

You can also find an overview of possible living expenses on our website.

Also, in case you would like to check all universities in Germany and what programs they offer, please take a look on the website of the DAAD.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to admissions(at) or take a look at our FAQs, if you have any further questions concerning the admission process.

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