Heads of degree course

Accounting and Finance (Master)
Aviation and Tourism Management (MBA)
Prof. Dr.
Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht
Studiengangleiter Aviation & Tourism Management
Building HOLM, Room 02
Fax : +49 69 9686-350 39
Business Administration (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Matthias Schabel
Head of degree course: Business Administration (B. A)
Building 4, Room 501
Fax : +49 69 1533-2949
Business Administration Double Degree (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Susanne Rägle
Head of degree course: Business Administration – Double Degree (B.A.)
Building 4, Room 514
Fax : +49 69 1533-2903
Entrepreneurship & Business Development (MBA)
Prof. Dr.
Johannes Ohmer
Studiengangsleitung Sustainable Business Development (MBA)
International Business Administration (Bachelor)
International Finance (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Christian Rieck
Head of degree course: International Finance
Building 4, Room 503
Global Logistics (Master)
Prof. Dr.
Benjamin Bierwirth
Head of degree course: Global Logistics (M.Sc.)
Building HoST, Room B 03 319
Leadership (Master)
Prof. Dr.
Nicolas Giegler
Head of degree course: Leadership (M.A.)
Building 4, Room 510
Aviation Management (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Kirstin Zimmer
Professor of Logistics and Quantitative Methods
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 227
Public Administration (Bachelor) and Public and Non-Profit Management (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Adelheid Zeis
Head of degree course: Public Administration (B. A.)/ Public and Non-Profit Management (B. A.)
Building 4, Room 520
Taxation (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Katja Müller
Head of degree course Taxation (B. A)
Building 4, Room 514
Strategic Information Management (Master)
Prof. Dr.
Swen Schneider
Head of degree course: Strategic Information Management
Building 4, Room 502
Tourism Management (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Kerstin Wegener
Head of degree course Tourism Management (BA)
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 227
Negotiating and Designing Contracts (Master)
Prof. Dr.
Isabella Anders-Rudes, LL.M.
Head of degree course Negotiating and Designing Contracts (LL.M.)
Building 4, Room 509
Industrial Engineering and Management (Master)
Prof. Dr.
Susanne Koch
Prof. Logistik des Luftverkehrs
Building 4, Room 520
Business Law (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Christiane Siemes
Head of degree course: Business Law (LL.B.)
Building 4, Room 404

In cooperation with Faculty 2

International Business Information Systems (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.
Ralf Banning
Head of degree course and Head of examination board: International Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik B.Sc.)
Building 4, Room 511
Fax : +49 69 1533-63864
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