Prof. Dr. Ralf Banning

Professor for Business Information Systems

Prof. Dr.
Ralf Banning
Head of degree course and Head of examination board: International Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik B.Sc.)
Building 4, Room 511
Fax : +49 69 1533-63864


Director of Institute for Data-Driven Business
Head of degree course and Head of examination board: Wirtschaftsinformatik (B.Sc.) and International Business Information Systems (B. Sc.)

Office hours

Lecture period:

Non-lecture period:

Wed, 10:30 am – 11:30 am


by appointment via email

by appointment via email

Focus in teaching and research

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Industry 4.0 from a Business Information Systems Perspective
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • System and Process Integration

Examination viewing

For questions about exams for in summer semester 2023, please visit me during my office hours (once lectures start and only by appointment per email).



My focus areas in teaching and research lie in the area of model-driven development, ERP systems (in part. SAP and Industry 4.0), system and process integration, business architectures (business and IT alignment), and uniform documentation systems and procedures.


About the person

Mathematics program at the University Tübingen and doctoral thesis in the area of mathematical methods of natural sciences


Academic employee at the Center for Data Development of the University Tübingen

IT consultant at Return Online GmbH in the area of data mapping and system integration

Director of System Integration at contexo GmbH in Reutlingen with a focus on energy industry and market processes

Senior Consultant and Managing Director (until March 2013) of Scope of IT GmbH & Co. KG 

Since October 2012, holder of the professorship for Business Information Systems at Faculty 3 of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (formerly University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main)


  • IT-based PRocess Management (Global Logistics M. Sc.)
  • Modellierung betrieblicher Informationssysreme (IBIS B. Sc.)

In summer semester 2024 I am off for a research project. Therefore, I will offer no lectures.

The course documentation is provided in the e-Learning system of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (moodle). You can access this system via the links listed above (may not be available before the start of the semester). Please note that you generally need to register and receive a course password in order to access the system. For some of these courses, it may be necessary to register in advance due to a limited number of spots in the labs - it is also done via the e-learning system at the start of the semester.


Thesis papers

The topic should lie in my area of research, teaching, or other area of interest (see below).


You are welcome to submit your own topic proposals. Before a first discussion with a potential advisor for your thesis, it makes sense if you familiarize yourself with the applicable literature and prepare a rough segmentation of your topic. For this purpose, use the document Tips for the formal and content design of academic papers (German only)


Many of our thesis papers are written in / with companies. If you have an exciting idea for a thesis paper (Bachelor: approx. 2 months, Master approx, 5 months), feel free to talk to me.


While it is always possible to register for Bachelor or Master theses, please note the following:

  • In particular, registrations for Bachelor theses should be submitted "early" in the semester (if possible during the first six weeks of the semester) so that your advisor can guide your work on the thesis primarily during the lecture period.
  • Bachelor and Master theses conclude with an oral defense ("colloquium"). The program is only completed in the semester in which the colloquium was completed (and passed). If the colloquium (e.g. for scheduling reasons) is not held in the semester in which you have registered your thesis, you have to re-register in the following semester.
  • In order to complete the thesis paper, you should schedule your time well and do not perform any or as little parallel work as possible. You will need time and concentration for your thesis paper!
  • I will work intensively with you as your advisor - you should therefore provide a progress report to me every three weeks for your Bachelor thesis or every four weeks for Master theses.

On finding a topic and formal requirements

The following document will help you prepare for finding a topic and it contains information about the layout of thesis papers which I advise:

Tips for the formal and content design of academic papers

Please also note the general notes of Faculty 3 on this topic

General notes on thesis papers of Faculty 3 (German only)

The following topics are in particular possible:

  • Enterprise architecture management
  • Model-driven development
  • Design of information systems
  • Data and system integration
  • Documentation and specification procedure
  • Market and process integration / BPM
  • Enterprise resource planning systems (in particular SAP ERP)
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