For prospective students

Information sources

Are you about to graduate from high school and want to find out more about the academic programs of the university in the area of Business and Law? Then you have found the right place. You can find information about our programs, admission requirements, the program branches, and the future professional fields on our internet pages.

A personal meeting can provide more specific information than any written information. For this reason, you can also find a list of contact partners and personal advisors on our pages. However, you should only contact them once you have already reviewed some information, since this will allow you to ask specific questions.

A good opportunity to get a personal impression of the university without having the lime light on you are events for prospective students, which we organize in various settings. We hold an open house, discovery lectures, and many more events. You should therefore take a look at our pages to see what events (German only) are currently being offered. Maybe there is something for you.

For more information, see our page for counseling services.

Counseling services

The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and Faculty 3:  Business and Law offer comprehensive counseling services for prospective students, first-year students, and current students. Please select the person who you feel can best answer your questions. You may be referred to another person if they are in a better position to help you.

(When calling: please do not hang up immediately. You will not hear a voice mail system but rather an interactive system that 

Academic Reform Officers
You can find the list of Academic Reform Officers here.

Admission requirements and procedures

Dear high-school students and prospective students, Here you can find information about the admission requirements and admission procedure for all programs in the Faculty Business and Law. If you want to know all the details, please read the respective examination regulations. The Student Services department is responsible for the application and admission procedure and it offers a comprehensive range of counseling services.

Student Services

Here you can find the counseling services offered by the Central Student Advisory Service.

Examination regulations

Here you can find the examination regulations for our programs.

More information

For more information, see the websites of our programs.

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