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Credit, transcript of records and certificate recognition

If you have already studies elsewhere before your studies at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences it is often possible to transfer credits or recognize transcripts of records. The following rule applies: Already completed credits have to be recognized separately. For this purpose you need our exam recognition form which you can find online. You then take the filled out form and your original documents as well as your current academic achievements to your respective subject coordinator. Have the head of the examination board confirm every recognition.

Obligatory attendance

Generally there is no obligatory attendance at Frankfurt University. Exceptions may occur in language acquisition courses.

Stays abroad

In the degree course „International Finance“ a semester abroad is obligatory. The degree course “Business Administration – Double Degree” includes three semesters in France and in the degree course “International Business Administration” stays abroad can easily be arranged. Generally students of all degree courses can gain international study and work experience. A stay abroad can not only be important for academic and linguistic development and improve prospects on the job market, it is also a lot of fun, established new friendships and is a big step in your personal development. The faculty Business and Law has good international connections to partner universities and consequently offers you diverse opportunities for exchange. Whether you want to study abroad for one or two semesters, complete an internship or write your thesis – there are many possibilities of realizing your ideas. It is important for you, however, to gather information about your possibilities early on and think about how they fit into your studies. Be aware of the differing application deadlines – a semester overseas needs 12 – 18 months lead time, a semester within Europe approximately 6 – 8 months. Detailed information, assistance and support for your plans is available at the International Office.


Language Center (FSZ)

Language education has an important part in your studies and your career prospects.

Because language courses…
• refresh and broaden your language skills,              

• prepare you for your studies and your professional activity.

The degree courses International Finance, Public and Non-Profit Management and Business Law include special language courses in business English. For Business Administration and International Business Administration the language center offers business language courses on different levels. However, general language courses are offered between terms and on Saturdays as well. Please prepare for an assessment test in your language course. More information is available on the website of the language center.

Matriculation number

The matriculation number is an important identification number that protects the personality of our students. This way exam results relate to matriculation number and not names. It is therefore important to keep the number ready and private.

(Sub-)Module Examinations – how can I sign up?

(Sub-)Module Examinations – how can I sign up?
Module examination registration is only possible online. You receive your password at the self-service-stations for the STUDY-CHIP on the ground floor in building one. Go to “Studienbescheinigung” (certificate of studies) and press “Passwort”. You can then sign up (and off) for examinations on the HIS portal with your matriculation number and your password. Examinations take place at the end of the semester. Seminar papers, projects and project reports have their own deadlines. You can find the exact dates and withdrawal periods online under the respective degree course. Please keep in mind to sign up on time. If you withdraw from an examination within a certain time period you need a valid reason, e.g. illness (doctor’s certificate necessary!). More information available online under “Ärztliches Attest mit Merkblatt“. Registration to seminar papers and project reports is determined and published by each module independently. Usually examinations do not take place during semester break. Printed certificates of study are available in the Student Service Center in building 1 at the self-service-stations.



Transcripts of records are being graded: 1,0 – 1,3 – 1,7 – 2,0 – 2,3 etc. (4,3 and 4,7 do not exist). Grades between 1,0 and 4,0 mean you passed, a 5,0 means you failed, or the start of a new attempt (see examination performance). The HIS-portal offers information about the grading of certain examination performances.

Examination performace

Examinations cannot be repeated indefinitely. Please read the “Examination regulations” of your degree course! You can find them online (on your degree course page) and on the page of the office of examinations.

Re-Registration – each semester!

To continue your studies it is important for you to re-register each semester within the given time periods by paying the semester fee. The period for re-registration for the summer semester ends each May 1st, for the winter semester on September 1st. By transfering the money (or after the money has arrived on the university account) you are automatically re-registered in the student management system. After that you can print out your certificate of study via the HIS-portal. Keep the deadlines in mind! If you transfer the money too late a 30,-€ late fee will be charged. Exmatriculation is possible. If you have questions please contact the Student Service Center on the ground floor in building 1.


Current schedules for your degree course are available online on the Fb3-websites of your degree course or on „My studies“. The schedule is only valid for one semester.


You can find examination dates and time schedules online on the page of your degree course. In order to participate in examinations you need to sign up online and on time. During your first-semester orientation you will receive a list with all the relevant dates that are certain by that point.

Choice of specialization/ Core electives

In degree courses with a choice of specialization/core electives the specialization is chosen through first-time module examination registration. It is possible to withdraw within the withdrawal period. Not participating in an examination of the elected module due to e.g. illness does not withdraw the choice of specialization. The examination then has to be repeated. Changing specialization or core electives is most properly not possible. For details see examination regulations.

Scientific work

You can find everything you need to know about scientific working on including course offers.

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