We are glad you decided to study here at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.
You must personally enroll/register in the Admissions Office prior to starting your studies.
Every prospective student may enroll in our open admission Bachelor degree courses (1st semester), if he/she meets the respective admission requirements.

Please present the following documents when you enroll:

  • ID or passport
  • Original of the higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, certificate of the university of applied sciences entrance qualification etc.)
  • Proof of student health insurance or proof of exemption
  • filled out form (English version: data entry form), which also entails
  • a signed confirmation that you have read and accepted our Anti-discrimination guidelines (Guidelines about the respectful and fair treatment of others and as a protection from discrimination at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
  • the form for your STUDY CHIP (student ID) with photo
  • the form for your DV user ID
  • if applicable proof of previous study periods including at a vocational academy and the respective exmatriculation or course of study certificates
  • if applicable about the failing of preliminary, intermediate or final examinations
  • if applicable proof of professional tasks.
  • if applicable the required language proficiency certificates
  • and in the admission-restricted degree courses additionally the letter of admission.

Please come directly to the Admissions Office if you would like to enroll in a first semester of our open admission bachelor degree courses between 9 a.m and 12 p.m. from July 29, until October 14, 2019.

Power of attorney

Should you not be able to enroll personally at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, you can give power of attorney to anyone to complete the enrollment for you. Please create a respective Power of attorney.

Semester fees and STUDY CHIP

You will receive the information about the payment of the semester fee on the day of enrollment. Please transfer the fee afterwards so that the enrollment will be legally effective. Once the amount was received in the account of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, the banking information is processed and you are considered registered.


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