Hardship and special applications

Special applications can be submitted in certain cases. Hardship and special applications can be submitted in the frame of the online admission application.

Other rules apply to you once you submit such an application. The mailing of the signed application form is not sufficient. You must submit all required documents and the respective proof for your special application (i.e. medical expert opinion, school report etc.) along with your application. Please include a detailed statement for the special application.

The application form must be submitted in due form and time in any case.


Up to five percent of the study places of admission-restricted degree courses are reserved for applicants who successfully assert a hardship case.

A hardship application can be submitted if applicants are in an entirely exceptional situation that requires an immediate admission to the studies since a waiting period of one semester would already be too much.

Such reasons could be health or family-related or of social nature. Please include the respective proof in your application should you have to be considered due to one of the above mentioned reasons.

See:  Explanations on the hardship application.

Please submit the hardship application along with the online admission application, if you are applying for a bachelor's degree course.

Please submit the completed and signed hardship application  along with your application documents, if you are applying for a master's degree course.

Compensation of disadvantages - improvement of the grade point average

You can submit an application to improve your grade point average, if there were reasons that were out of your control, which obstructed you in obtaining a better grade point average that. Applications without proof have to be rejected.

See Explanations on the compensation of disadvantages.

Compensation of disadvantage - Improvement of the waiting time

You can submit an application for improving the waiting time, if there were reasons out of your control that obstructed you in attaining a higher education entrance qualification at an earlier point in time. Applications without proof must be rejected.

See Explanations on the compensation of disadvantage.

Please include all requested proof (higher education entrance qualification, degree course-specific proof, a statement and the respective proof and expert reports for the special application), should the above mentioned reasons apply to you, along with the printed and signed application.

Applicants for a second course of study cannot submit applications for either one.

Privileged admission

All applicants, who have been admitted to a desired degree course at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences at the beginning or during a service receive a privileged admission. Please include a copy of your ('old') letter of admission and the proof of the relevant service.

The following services are defined as 'services':

  • Completed military service, civil service, service in the Federal Border Guard (only up to a duration of three years)
  • Completed federal voluntary services in accordance with the law on federal voluntary service from April 28, 2011
  • Completed service as a development aid worker for two years
  • Completed Voluntary Social Year or Ecological Year
  • Care of a child under the age of 18 years (birth certificate) or a care-requiring relative up to a duration of three years

The claim of privileged admission must be asserted within the allocation intervals following the service. If you apply for the admission during your service, you must proof that it will be completed by April 30, (for the summer semester) and by October 31, (for the winter semester). Should you consider completing one of the above mentioned services, we recommend applying for a study place during this time.

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