Higher Education Entrance Qualification

The following educational qualifications entitle you to study at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences:

  • General Higher Education Entrance Qualification
  • Subject-related Entrance Qualification
  • Advanced Technical College Certificate 1
  • Master Craftsman's Certificate
  • Certificate on the successful participation in the university entrance qualification for the professionally qualified, download here
  • Eleven-Federal States-Agreement (Germany)
  • Certificate of a technical secondary school

Note: Not all variants are listed here due to space restrictions. Please also note the Remarks to determine your certificate date. In case of doubt please contact the Admissions Office.

In the version of the law from December 20, 2004 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 466).

Other recognized credentials considered equivalent by the Hessian Minister of Education and the Arts

  • The former transfer recommendation certificates to grade 13 of a public or officially recognized general or vocational high school (Gymnasium) in Hesse in connection with the successfully completed final examination in an officially recognized apprenticeship or a continuous internship or trainee activity of at least one year duration ( the regulations from May 13, 2004 can be found here).
  • Leaving certificate of a public or state recognized private vocational school for social education or home economics (attained prior to October 01, 1975).

Eleven-Federal State-Agreement (Elf-Länder-Vereinbarung)

on the recognition of the advanced technical college certificate – from the federal states: Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein.

The scholastic part of the advanced technical college education, acquired during the upper secondary level taught in the above stated federal states of Germany, are officially recognized in Hesse provided that an additional professional activity for the entitlement to access a degree course at a university of applied sciences was completed. The proof of the professional activity can be presented in form of:

  • a final examination of a recognized apprenticeship or
  • a completion of an apprenticeship through a state examination (i.e. vocational school) or
  • a professional activity or internship in a recognized apprenticeship occupation for at least one year; completed military service or civilian service of six months and 12 months are accredited for a voluntary military service that lasted longer than two years.

The proof of a completed apprenticeship is required for certificates steming from Rhineland Palatinate.

Certificates from the Federal States Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony

Certificates on 'Special Training Courses for the Acquisition of the Advanced Technical College Certificate according to § 23c section 2 of the School Act for Berlin' in connection with the certificates from a public or state recognized two-year long course at a secondary technical school for technology and economics in Berlin (Fachschule für Technik oder Wirtschaft in Berlin), on the basis of a primary professional qualification and relevant professional work experience of at least one year, are considered equivalent to the advanced technical college certificate.


  • The advanced technical college certificate attained from a two-year-long course at an advanced technical college in Lower Saxony is accepted as an entitlement to access an institution of higher education in Hesse as long as
  • the secondary school diploma or an equivalent level of education was proven at the time of acceptance to the two-year-long course at an advanced technical college or
  • the advanced technical college certificate was attained through participating in additional offers or through presentation of additional proof of performance and completion of an additional examination. The average grades shall be included in the respective proof.

The Advanced Technical College Certificate also entitles the entry into a multi-stage course of study (consecutive Bachelor and Master degree course) at universities (§ 63 section 2 sentence 2 Higher Education Act).

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