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Information on the exam registration

You must register for most examinations online. The deadlines for the individual modules can be found in the portal for exam registrations.

Various degrees are currently offered parallel at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in the frame of the Bologna process.

While back in the day course work certificates in the diploma degree courses were very common, the modules nowadays are completed with respective examinations. Certain requirements are linked to these module examinations such as for instance the limited repeatability. The overall administrative efforts in the examination organization thereby grows.

The examination administration reacted to this with further developments accordingly over the past years. A consequence is for instance the online access of the examination offices of the four faculties to our examination operation system, which is organized in a central database.

We have currently different systems operating with respect to the development of the study structures. We use a different – simpler – system for the 'old' degree courses than for the Bachelor and Master degree courses. The examination data from the diploma degree courses can unfortunately not be transferred into the modern system for the Bachelor and Master degree courses.

It is particularly difficult to organize the electronic examination administration for those degree courses that do not have finalized examination regulations yet. This applies to new Bachelor and Master degree courses.

We kindly ask for your understanding that you may have to consider special procedure rules depending on your degree course.

We are offering the following online services:

  • You can print a TOR at any time yourself.
  • You register for the module examinations via the Internet.

Proof of Study and Transcript of Record for Bachelor and Master degree courses

You can print off your list of grades and your transcript of record next to registering for examination in your FranCa portal. Should you be asked to enter your HIS credentials to log in, you will need to change the settings of your browser. You can find detailed instructions on our FranCa FAQ page.

Participation in lectures

The participation and registration in the lectures is regulated differently. You may have to enroll certain courses via campUAS the online learning plattform of Frankfurt UAS. Please inform yourself about the relevant lecturer or in the relevant examination office about the alternatives.

Exam registration

The registration for final examinations is differently regulated. You can find out about what registration procedures apply at the examination office of the relevant faculty.

Generally, the registration for final examinations in the modularized Bachelor and Master degree courses take place online in the FranCa portal. As already mentioned above, this only applies to degree courses with valid examination regulations.

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