Dual degree programs

A variety of dual study programs are offered at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. A dual degree program is defined by the fact that you complete practical training in one of our cooperating companies in addition to your studies.

If you have international educational qualifications, you must request for recognition of your international certificates at the International Office before applying for a training position and for your studies. Below, we explain the individual steps for a successful application.

Since many companies have early application deadlines for vocational training positions (sometimes one year before the start of studies), make sure you plan enough time for the process.

Which German language proficiency do I need?

Enrollment can only take place if you have a DSH-2 or equivalent certificate. If you have not yet obtained such a certificate, please contact us via e-mail along with a C1 certificate or equivalent by January 15 or July 15, respectively, so that we can invite you to take the internal DSH exam.

The internal DSH exam takes place only once per semester. Therefore, please make sure that you meet the application deadline for the desired degree program if you still need to take the DSH exam.

Information on additionally accepted language certificates as well as on study-preparatory German courses can be found on our website.

What steps need to be completed when applying for a dual degree program?

To ensure that you can study the desired degree program and to avoid missing a deadline, you should complete the following steps as described below and follow the listed procedures in the given order.


Please make sure to check whether the degree program you are interested in is offered as a dual degree program at Frankfurt UAS. If you have any questions about the degree program contents or the cooperating companies, please contact the respective faculty. The contact persons and their contact details can be found on the respective degree program page.

Once you have decided on a degree program, you must submit a fee-basedrequest for recognition of your international certificates to the International Office. Please note that the processing time may take about 4 weeks, in some cases even longer. Therefore, please make sure that you have enough time to meet the application deadline for the desired degree program. There are no deadlines for the recognition of your certificates.

The following documents have to be sent in certified copy with your request and a proof of payment by post to the International Office:

  • Complete school-leaving certificate with overview of subjects and grades as well as all pages containing text
  • University entrance examination of the home country, if available
  • Proof of studies with overview of subjects and grades from home country, if applicable
  • For some countries, additional documents may need to be submitted.
  • Additionally, a sworn translation of the documents listed above, if they are not issued in German or English

The processing time commences from the date of receiving the documents or the date of receiving the processing fee at the International Office of Frankfurt UAS. As soon as we have received the documents and the payment, you will be informed via e-mail.

Once you have received a positive recognition certificate from us, you can apply to cooperating companies for a vocational training position. Based on the recognition certificate, the companies can see whether you can study the desired degree program with us.

Note: If you wish to apply to the Midwifery Science program, an application to the cooperating institutions will be made during the application process. For further information, please refer to the degree program page.

As soon as you have signed the company's training contract, you can apply for a study place at Frankfurt UAS. Please be aware of the relevant application deadlines, which you can find on the respective study program page. The documents required for the application will be requested during the application process. Please also remember to submit the required German language skills. If any questions arise during the application process, please contact the Student Services Center.


Persons of contact

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Info-Center of the Frankfurt UAS

You can contact the Info-Center of the Frankfurt UAS by phone via +49 69/ 1533 - 0 and the ticket system.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

Note: If you're using a "gmail" email address, some of our responses are currently being returned as undeliverable. Until the problem is resolved, we kindly ask you to refrain from contacting us via a "gmail" email address.

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