Bachelor studies

You have obtained your university entrance qualification abroad or completed the preparatory college, are a graduate of a German partner school abroad (BIDS) or have already started studying in Germany and would like to study at Frankfurt UAS?

It is possible to begin a Bachelor's degree program in Germany if you have a university entrance qualification for Germany with your secondary school certificates from your home country. If you have an indirect university entrance qualification – that is, your school-leaving certificate is not equivalent to the German Abitur – you must attend the preparatory college (Studienkolleg) before beginning your studies.

Until when do I have to apply?

  Summer semester Winter semester

NC degree programs

September – January 15 March – July 15

Non-restricted degree programs

September – March 01* March – September 01*

*Application by January 15 or July 15 if you wish to take the DSH exam at Frankfurt UAS.

What chance do I have of getting a place in an NC degree program?

For each NC degree program, a ranking list of all applicants is formed. For applicants from non-EU countries, who are not treated equally to Germans, with a foreign university entrance qualification, study places are only available to the extent of up to 10% of the determined admission numbers according to the Ordinance on the Determination of Admission Numbers at the Universities of the State of Hesse in the currently valid version.

Please see the PDF-file for past semester selection limits since the summer 2017 semester.

If you are or have been enrolled in a university in Germany, you will need to submit the following documents in addition to those listed on the previous page when applying through uni-assist:

  • Proof of previous studies in Germany: data sheet on all periods of enrollment at universities in Germany with details and type of degree program, diploma, or Bachelor's degree, university semesters, subject semesters, vacation semesters
  • Same-named / related course of study: current overview of all academic achievements with passed, registered and failed examinations. If you have lost the examination entitlement in a module, you must additionally submit confirmation of the lost examination entitlement.
  • Current certificate of study or certificate of ex-matriculation

After your application, the relevant faculty will decide in which semester you can be admitted based on your submitted transcript of records. This classification is decisive for the admission procedure in the higher semester.

In NC degree programs, an admission decision can only be made after the re-registration deadline and according to any study places that may have become available. Therefore, you should remain enrolled at your current university until you have received a decision on your application from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Applicants who are enrolled in a degree program of the same name at another university at the time of application can only apply for a higher semester, not for a first semester. In this case, the subject semesters will continue to be counted, regardless of how many achievements you have achieved so far.

Only after enrollment will the specific accreditation of your credits take place.

Graduates of a BIDS partner school who would like to apply for a Bachelor's program, as well as applicants who are interested in a dual degree program (with a training contract in a cooperating company) do not apply via uni-assist. Please inform yourself about the application/recognition on the provided pages.



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