Department for Quality Management – Strategy – Planning

The Department for Quality Management – Strategy – Planning is available to all teachers, students, staff as well as the university management and serves as a competent partner in all relevant issues.

The tasks of the department include:

  • Advising and supporting the university management with regard to:
  1. Higher education planning and development (development planning, agreements on objectives, development projects, etc.)
  2. Reporting on higher education development
  3. Participation of the university in external structures (HAW-Hessen, HRK etc.)
  • Analysis and provision of data, surveys and rankings for strategic decision-making
  • Coordination, documentation and further development of processes in teaching and learning, research and administration (QuaM)
  • Capacity calculation and planning
  • Evaluation service: Monitoring and implementation of surveys
  • Support of all departments regarding quality assurance and quality development of study programmes, coordination of central guidelines and procedural specifications
  • Coordination and organisation of the staff suggestion scheme
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last updated on: 04.21.2020