Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) is an innovative environment for professors and junior scientists. Highly application-orientied our university’s workforce educates young people, conducts research on the pressing issues of tomorrow’s world and shapes change in society.

In searching for professorial talents we started PROFfm, an innovative project at the interface of academia with the private and public sector. Why not visit the PROFfm website to find out about our collaborative programs, new research positions, our network and the different cooperation opportunities? Get an overview by accessing our flyer, or take a look at our PROFfm presentation.


Contact Project Management

Christoph Rosenbusch
PROFfm project manager
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 1015

Contact Project Team

Sandra BrunträgerInternational Recruiting Processes
Building BCN, Room 1030
Ann-Kristina GleimPROFfm advisor on collaborative programmes
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 1030
Franziska HedrichPROFfm communications and network
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 1030
Franziska HedrichID: 10222
last updated on: 04.02.2024