UAS professorship: Requirements, access & benefits

The UAS professorship offers many advantages: flexibility and freedom in research and teaching, work in small learning groups, the opportunity to help shape the CVs of students and the social transfer of knowledge, the compatibility of family and work. But how does one become a UAS professor? What are the requirements & how to acquire the necessary qualifications? The presentation answers all questions & shows why a UAS professorship is worthwhile.


A Job with Many Opportunities

Having gained sufficient work and teaching experience and a doctorate qualified professionals can aim at a professorship. In addition to our job advertisements for normal professorships, we have developed a new career format: With the collaborative professorship, we make it easier for interested applicants to start a professorship at the Frankfurt UAS. For our colleagues who have already been appointed, we offer additional creative freedom in research and teaching with the innovation professorship, the UAS didactics and the support offices.

Nationwide campaign for UAS professorships

Further inspiration and information on the UAS professorship can be found in the nationwide campaign "The UAS professorship. Career with impact": 





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