DSH Exam

The DSH Exam is the language examination allowing the access to universities in Germany. The German language proficiency examination consists of a written and oral part. The Frankfurt UAS complies with the DSH exam regulations from April 21, 2021 and is responsible for the exam and its content.

Who can take part in the exam?

  • Students, who have applied to study at the Frankfurt UAS and who have presented the minimum language requirement in order to apply (see language skills), will be invited automatically to the DSH exam.
  • Course participant of a preparatory German course at the Frankfurt UAS.
  • If there are still free places available: External participants, who have not applied to study a degree course at the Frankfurt UAS or participants of a preparatory German course and who would like to take the DSH exam at the Frankfurt UAS (see registration for externals).

DSH Exam dates


written: March 6, 2023 / oral: March 17-18, 2023


written: September 11, 2023 / oral: September 22, 2023

Please bring along the following things to your DSH exam:
  • valid passport or ID
  • a recent passport picture (with name and date of birth on the back!)
  • proof of payment (copy of an account statement or something similar)
Exam fee

The fee for the participation in the DSH exam is 120 Euro. Please transfer the exam fee latest until the stated deadline.



Scope and procedure of the written examination

Please note the following exam rules:

  1. Any use of personal mobile phones/smart phones/smart watches during the entire examination period is not permitted.
  2. Erasable felt pens (e.g. Frixion rollerball or similar) or pencils may not be used to write on the exam sheets.Tippex is also not allowed. Only non-erasable ballpoint pens are allowed. Otherwise the exam sheets will not be corrected!
  3. A German-German dictionary is allowed - bilingual dictionaries are not allowed.
  4. Handwritten notes in your own dictionary are not allowed and will be considered as an attempt to cheat.

If any of these rules are violated, you will be immediately disqualified from the DSH exam and will NOT PASS the exam!

Part 1: Understanding and processing of a listening text

Duration: approx. 80 minutes (5 minutes for preparation, 10 minutes after the 1st presentation, 40 minutes after the 2nd presentation, plus the presentation time)

Example listening comprehension

Audiodatei zum HV Totalrecycling

15 minutes break

Part 2: Task-oriented text production

Duration: 70 minutes

Example text production

Example 2 text production

15 minutes break

Part 3: Comprehension and processing of a reading text

Duration: 90 minutes
A) Comprehension and processing of a reading text
B) Comprehension and processing of scientific linguistic structures

Example reading comprehension and scientific linguistic structure

Oral examination

In the oral examination, the candidate should demonstrate that he/she is able to perform and receive linguistic actions relevant to the study (discussing, evaluating, exemplifying, informing...) spontaneously, fluently and appropriately. He/She shall be able to apply relevant interaction strategies (change of speaker, cooperate, request clarification…).

The oral examination lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Example 1 oral examination

Example 2 oral examination

Required language skills for the participation in the DSH exam

German language skills and registration for preparatory courses

It is currently not possible for external students to register directly for the DSH exam.

The next course will take place at the university from 4 to 15 March 2024. Whether in the morning or afternoon depends on the applicant's wishes.

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